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Kelsey is a blond bunny who hails from California. She is currently living in a dust bowl and attending college to become a graphic designer. Her goals in life are as follows: to become a t-shirt designer, to create her own manga series, and to get a cat. She really wants a cat.
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A Friendly Suggestion
Awww! That's mighty sweet of you Vince!

Whew! We're back to updating again, now that the digital comic version of Drop Dead Vince's first chapter is finally finished and online (you can purchase it on Gumroad here for $5!). With the digital comic finished we can now focus on updating and continuing the second chapter! However, I have recently started working again part time which may affect updates but (hopefully) we will continue updating and won't be on a hiatus for a while.

Thank you everyone for your support and for being so patient with us! We'll see you next time with the next update!
DDV Guest Comic # 3 by Rachel and Hannah Saunders
You're really unbelievable Vince.

Another guest comic this week, this time by a good friend and inspiration of mine: Rachel Saunders! I've been a fan of her work for a long time and she's a really talented and wonderful person. It was a huge honor having her create and submit a guest comic of my characters (and her sister, Hannah, helped with the typography as well!), and her choice of colors suits their universe so well. Thank you so much Rachel and Hannah for submitting a fantastic comic!

While Guest Comic submissions are currently closed, we will be opening them again sometime next month in June. Thank you everyone for your submissions!

As I said before last week, this next update is going to be late. I'm currently putting together the digital comic and I recently got a part time job so that will be taking up some of my time as well. It's not finished yet, but I can thankfully say the digital book is coming along well! I'll fill you in on more details in the future.

Thank you again everyone for your support and for being so patient. We'll see you next time with the next update!
DDV Guest Comic # 2 by Bridget Ellen
Smooth, Vince. Smooth.

Here's our second guest comic, this time by another webcomic creator Bridget Ellen! You can check out her comic Ten Ways Bendy Straws Saved My Life and visit her tumblr page. Thank you so much Bridget for submitting an awesome comic!

While Guest Comic submissions are currently closed, we will be opening them again sometime next month in June. Thank you everyone for your submissions!

Concerning the next official update, it will unfortunately be another late one. I have begun work on getting Vince's first chapter prepped to be released as a digital comic so that will make updates take a little more time. There will be more updates on its progress in the future.

Thank you again everyone for your patience and your support. We'll see you next time with the next page!
Nothing Like It
Not unlike Vince, Betty misses her life, but to her it's the little things that mattered the most to her... Especially for a former Beach Bunny.

Last month just seemed like one set back after another, but thank goodness this page is finally finished! And funny enough for a comic about the summer being updated so close to the summer season...

Speaking of comics, here's a big announcement: the first chapter of Drop Dead Vince is going to be released as a digital comic you can purchase and download for yourself! Not only will you have your own copy of Vince to enjoy, there will be exclusive goodies along with it, including special mini comics you won't see online! The goal is to get it online and ready to purchase in late May, but we'll keep you posted on how it's coming along!

In other news, the Drop Dead Shop is having a Spring Clean Sweep Sale! By entering DDVSPRING at checkout, you can get 15% off of your order! This sale goes on until the 26th so act fast!

Thank you everyone for your support and for your patience, we'll see you next time with the next update (hopefully soon!)!
DDV Guest Comic # 1 by Puffy
Careful Vince, this could be the start of an expensive hobby...

Introducing our first guest comic for Drop Dead Vince! This strip was created by Puffy, who you can follow on tumblr and twitter. Thank you so much Puffy for submitting such a cute comic!

If any of you are interested in submitting a guest comic for Drop Dead Vince, visit the Drop Dead Vince blog on tumblr for more details.

As for the next official update it's currently underway and will hopefully be up sometime next week. This year's been off to a bumpy start for me, but hopefully things will work out soon and I'll be able to gain a manageable update schedule. Thank you again everyone for your support and for being so patient. We'll see you next time with the next update!
Tall and Strange
Our favorite skeletal rebel is back! And unfortunately he still has a long way to go concerning how to get along with the fairer sex...

This took longer than I would have liked, but we're back again with the next page! For this next chapter I'm drawing on a larger page size/canvas than I did for the last one so I've had to redraw details such as the speech bubbles and Vince's hair highlights, which ate up more time getting this page finished, but hopefully now it'll take less time since those details are taken care of.

Concerning the schedule for updates I'd like to try to get Vince back to one-page-per-week updates, Fridays specifically, but I am currently trying to find work and I'm also doing some freelance and personal projects on the side. But hopefully I'll be able to get a good momentum work-wise to get pages up and I hope that you all will be able to bear with me.

Thank you again for all your support and patience. I'll see you next time with page 3!
Summertime Blues
A beach wasn't exactly in the initial building plans for this cemetery, Betty, but it's understandable to be discouraged about that.

We're finally back! And It's the start of a brand new chapter: Episode Two: Party at Horror Beach!

Thank you everyone for being so patient with me. I had planned to relaunch the next chapter last month but 2014 started off bumpy for me and it took more time than I had anticipated. I hope that this year will be a big improvement from last year despite the slow start, and a really good year for Vince.

Speaking of, today we're officially Three Years Old! It's hard to believe we've been around this long and still going, and it's all thanks to everyone's support! Thank you all so much for staying with me despite all the bumps in the road I've had with this series. I really look forward to the future with you all and with Betty and Vince. We'll see you next time with the next page!
No Longer Alone
Oh come on Vince I thought you figured it out...! But oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day I guess.

I know I promised that yesterday would have two pages, but page 31 ended up having to be pushed back until today. And you know what that means?


It took two and a half years, two seasonal jobs, several bouts of art block, and a kidney infection, but we finally made it! Thank you everyone so much for all of your support, comments, and for sticking with me through out this bumpy ride. Even though it did take me longer than I would have liked I'm still proud of myself that I got a whole 31 comic chapter finished.

For now, Vince will be going on a hiatus until January, which is when Chapter Two will officially begin! I'll be giving myself a break this month from working on comics but come December is when work on the second chapter will begin. Thank you again so much for your support and for reading Drop Dead Vince. I'll see you in 2014!
A Nice Surprise
Congrats Vince! You finally figured it all out about girls (and got a nice reward in the process!).

Part one of the Double Update is here! The next page will be up sometime later today, so stay tuned and have a Happy Halloween!
Together Again
Way to go Vince, you're a hero! <strike>kinda</strike>

Whew, I've had a crazy month trying to get this page online! It seemed like whenever I got a chance to sit down to work on this page a project would drop into my lap that I needed to take care of. I've also recently gotten a job and will start working again pretty soon.

It's hard to believe that after the Double Update goes up this first chapter will finally be finished! You can expect the last two pages to go online sometime around Halloween, or at least that's the goal for the moment. Thankfully there's not much to do to finish up those last two pages so I promise you won't have to wait for long this time!

In the meantime you can visit the Drop Dead Vince Production Blog, where you can see pages-in-progress and also exclusive production sketches and concept art for the series. You can also help support Drop Dead Vince through the Drop Dead Shop, where you can purchase prints, stickers, buttons, and exclusively for Halloween Betty and Vince pumpkin carving stencils!

Thank you everyone for your patience and for supporting Drop Dead Vince. I'll see you next time with the Double Update!
I Blew It
Mamas know best.

Whew, finally page 28 is finished! Speaking of pages, I have some special news concerning updates: the last two pages for Drop Dead Vince will be a Double Update! Remember those? And later on there'll also be a special page just for the Smacked Jeeves readers as well so stay tuned!

Thank you again everyone for being so patient and for continuing to read and support Drop Dead Vince! I'll see you cats and kittens next time with page 29!
All Bark No Bite
Well, time for a new plan... If there is one.

September already and we're so close to the end of the first chapter! I'm approaching my 26th birthday this year and I'm kind of dreading it to be honest. Lately I've been disappointed with birthdays because I wanted to have achieved something great each year before it comes around, but lately it just seems like the only changes being made is that I'm getting older and this year doesn't feel any different. But who knows what'll happen before then, I'm hoping something better than the last few times.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting Drop Dead Vince! I'll see you next time with page 28!
The Wrong Kind of Ride
Aside from people messing with his hair, seeing girls getting picked on or treated badly always gets Vince steamed and he wouldn't think twice before telling whoever is at fault to knock it off or even give them a sock to the jaw. While Vince did carry a switchblade when he was alive he thankfully never had to use it against someone and promised himself to only bring it out in a life or death situation...

Well, this definitely isn't a "life" situation.

FINALLY Vince is back to the web! As much as I wanted it to be, 2013 unfortunately was not Vince's year it seemed (or mine either). I was in a terrible funk (still kind of am to be honest) and working on pages didn't seem to be happening for me at all over the past couple months. Thankfully though I managed to get 26 done and there's only a couple more pages left for Chapter One until it's finally finished.

I'd like to thank all of you who have stuck around and who have supported Vince despite such a long wait. I'm so blessed to have readers like you and it means the world to me that you enjoy Vince so much and you're able to put up with me during such a rough year. Thank you so much for being so patient! I promise you that you won't have to go through another long wait for a while. Enjoy the new page and I'll see you cats and kittens next time with page 27!
Happy 2nd Anniversary Drop Dead Vince!
Drop Dead Vince is two years old today!

Thank you everyone for sticking with me for so long. Vince is pretty important to me and it really means a lot that there's people out there who enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy drawing it. You guys are the best, and I hope that you'll continue sticking around. Happy Valentine's day!
No Girl Deserves That
I'm glad that you figured that out Vince, but there's something that needs to be taken care of... Three of them to be specific.

Jeez, since I started working I've been too mentally dead to work on the next page until now. It's going to get even busier once it gets closer to the holidays, too, but hopefully I won't be too worn out and will be able to get the first chapter finished before the new year. I've also got something festive planned for the Drop Dead Shop this month, so stay tuned for the news on that!

Thank you again for your support and for sticking around despite the wacky update schedules. Happy Holidays everyone!
Bad Decisions
Uh oh. This is REALLY bad.

We're back with page 24! The convention was a lot of fun, but now it's back to Vince updates again. However, I can't say that updates will be up regularly since I need to get the rest of the pages finished and get the book organized for printing before Halloween. So the good news is that Vince is updating again, but the not-quite-as-good news is that I don't know when they'll be up. Enjoy the page and I'll see you when I'll see you with page 25! Thank you again for all your support and patience!
All a Bad Dream
If there's one rule that Pleasanton Cemetery's community has, it's that once you check in you stay in. Both for safety reasons and the fact that dead people walking around would possibly draw suspicion.

Page 23 is finally up! We're getting pretty close to the end, and we're getting rather close to September. I'm also starting to see Halloween stuff in stores, too, and that always gets me excited! The convention is coming closer but I've still got work to do and con prep to finish, but here's hoping I can get everything finished in time. Enjoy the new page and I'll see you when I see you!
Boney Old Pervert
I don't think Vince takes to rejection too well.

Page 22 took a lot less time than I thought! There's not too many pages left for this chapter and I feel pretty good about getting everything finished in time (hopefully). Take care everyone, I'll see you next time with page 23!
Not Interested
That... Could have gone better.

The second part of the Double Update is finally finished! This also means that we're very close to wrapping up this first chapter with only a few pages left to go. Thank you again everyone for being so patient and for tuning in for each update, enjoy the new page and I'll see you next time!
Great Shape
Well, so much for a tender moment.

The first part of the Double Update is finally online! Page 21 still has two panels that need finishing up, then it'll be off to get tones and text and the usual works. Expect it soon, but not too soon. Thank you all again for sticking around and for all your support, enjoy the new page!