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ey guys! I am a writer, a lover, but also a fighter...with green hair. :D <3
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October 15th, 2011
I appologize for the text size. Nothing you need to know, really. Just cops debating if they can see Rob. All you need to read is the big stuff. HEY IM ROB.
October 14th, 2011
Cops= Rob's worst enemy.
Hey guys!
Welcome to my story--super excited. I've wanted to do something like this for a while, but never had the art ability to do it, and now i think im finally ready.
Updates should be once a week.
I will be dealing with real issues in America and around the world in this comic. Please, be kind to one another. Some of these things maybe contraversial. Thank you. :D
So cute haha.
em 41 plz

...that shota beam...I can't stop looking at him!!
And Kazuo is officially legit. This page is so crappy >>
OMG Lazy, I love you soooo much. <33
YAY!!!! :D
So, today is national BFF day, so I drew this picture, for my best friend IRL--LADY GRIMM!!
Yeah, it's cute xD
Happy Best Friend's day, guys!
Dont worry about the sketchy-ness! I love your lines and everything--they're so clean and the art is lovely!!
Thirty six for me, please!
*cries* I fell asleep. I'm not in the comic for a while it looks like...
We had to re-record a lot of crap, that's why. But over all, I'm pretty proud of it. I can't speak for Lady G though, haha.

And yes. And thank you. :] But we did not sing it ourselves. Lady G is just amazing.

--You can't hear the voice?? REALLY? Is like, the settings on your speakers messed up? I can hear it perfectly fine.
Hey guys:
So I’m aware I’ve been raping the fill box lately, but THIS, I am particularly excited about.
Seeing as I want to go into art, and Lady Grimm wanting to go into sound design/ music, we put our heads together at Starbucks today and this is what happened.
With a little input from each other, we created Kazuo Hayate. I hope you enjoy it!
All art was done by moi, with the help of Lady Grimm, and the music was done by Lady Grimm, with help from moi. :)
Enjoy, and tell us what you think!!
This picture makes me so happy!! Masami looks so cute, and both VIRUS and Kazou look so handsome!! The colors are great!
So, the war is on then, eh?
Team Kazou!!
POOR VIRUS!! I want to give him a hug :)
Haha, thank you :3 They're at war! They should be ready to kick ass!!
Kinda part 2 of the Kazou pic. I like the angle and im still in love with this texture!

*Drool* Finish, please!!! I will give you cookies!