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I love crafts for the most part, though I like drawing quick little comics about life (especially at work) and I like writing stories or drawing pictures of things that interest me. I like photography, though I'm probably not very good at it. I like nice people, and I'm really, really traditional in terms of my personality and morals, so... I try to be nice and not judge others, but at the same time, I'm willing to talk about my views of things too.

btw, the 'can't fly' avatar is from the webcomic Monsterful by Pablo Fiorentino, used with permission.
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XD down boy
Silly EN.... poor Melina, lol
self-aware metafictional entities...
Paige is right about the change from beloved hobby to full-time job. It makes you more depressed than ever when you come to actually hate what you once loved. Totally been there.

On another note, I guess it's somewhat normal to find out your fictional characters develop minds of their own over the years, because a friend and I have been discussing it in length recently, most notably the complications that can arise when you and said character don't see eye-to-eye, or they just take off on their own path and you're like "Wait... get back here!" XD
@Mannickin4: Sweet! Can't wait! ^w^ *bounces in her seat with anticipation*
New page!
OMG yay, a new page! It's been so long, but I've kept this page as a pinned tab in my browser so I could check on it every day or two. I'm so glad this comic didn't fall off the face of the internet, cuz it looks really promising.

And I know how you feel about the experimenting. I recently became a colorist and have been experimenting with every new page, and I feel like I'm ruining it, but I'll settle on one thing someday... I hope ^.^;;

Will you guys be updating more often, or no?
hey now...
I had to laugh really hard at the first panel because my mom makes that joke whenever we talk about things we inherited from grandma, or that I inherited from mom. She'll smile and say "It's generic" in a goofy voice, and it always makes me laugh. I couldn't help thinking of mom saying that when Neko said it.
National Pancake Day
We have an unofficial "national pancake day" here in america celebrated by the restaurant chain IHOP. The date changes every year, so I apparently missed it already :/ I thought it was in April, but noooo. Hmph.
Poor Keno
*pat pat* poor little kitty. But hey, that's what dads are for.
Yay treats!
*scurries off to her cardboard box o' fun to nom her treats safely*

muahaha >^w^<
Immortal kitties
If it matters, I vote for them to stick around. After all, there's just so many fun stuff possible with Neko and Keno's opposing color schemes =3

also, my email seems to not put new messages from you guys at the top of my inbox, but instead just treats the whole thing as a "conversation", and adds the replies to the first email, so I have to go back and check the same one all the time. I don't know if it's the same on your side of things, or if you've just been too busy to get back to me. It's not a problem or anything, just thought I should alert you to the possibility of the whole "conversation" vs. new email thing, in case you hadn't gotten my messages.

I hope my future pet kitties are as amusing as these ones =3
@MiniKeno : well that makes sense then. Though I have to say, I don't like dogs, I love cats, but dogs love me and cats hate me. @.@
Okay, I feel really dumb... I must have spaced on some of the past comics. Why does Keno dislike Gar so much?
Poe <3
@NtKGar: I re-sent it then, just in case =3

also here's poe! (I apologize for it being a bit blurry. my phone is being mean to me today)
@moirla: oooh, me too!

@NtKGar: I emailed you a while back, not sure if you got it or not, but if you did, I hope I didn't weird you out or anything.

Also, I have a Poe bottle now, yaaaay <3 though I don't have a pic yet to show you guys, but instead of the pawprints, I gave him glow in the dark yellow eyes like when he's doing magic stuff =3
I've really enjoyed your comic so far, and I look forward to more of it. I know life is probably really busy for you, but I just wanted to give you the kudos you deserve for this story =3
@NtKPaige: ahh, thanks!
stupid question?
I should probably know this already, but how would one contact Gar & Paige outside of the comic comments?
sorry about that. I didn't notice it had a space there. how strange :/ I guess smackjeeves doesn't like me XP

I'm glad you guys like them. I love making things like this for customers, but something about Christmas just made me want to go bananas making them for things I admire. I'm silly that way X3

@Gar It's just liquid. Some people make these with resin or glue so it will harden and thus never leak, but I like it to be able to flow ^.^
I felt really inspired this month to make some of my crafts either for or based on comics and other things I like (like a mascot for an online advice columnist I respect), and of course had to include Neko and Keno, since they're my two favorite purrballs from one of my favorite webcomics <3

It's a type of fanart even if it's a craft instead of a picture, right?

Hope you guys like them, I know I really do (not to toot my own horn, I'm just really fond of them) <3 happy holidays!
2nd favorite
this is now my second favorite strip in the series. so cute!
Angry-faced Neko is adorable, in a grumpy kind of way. Now if only I could think of something funny to put with that for a t-shirt to give my grandpas.