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I like video games and a lot of sports like basketball. I really like to be active and have fun and excercise outside a lot.
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Hey Parrish, its Austin, your friend from Riverview High school, sorry I haven't talked to you in awhile, I decided to go back to this website today, awesome changes of design you made! And if you dont mind, I was hoping you could answer some questions I have so that I can get back on track with this story
Ha! Shadow got horny and then got beat up. Ha Ha! I luv that wanted poster of Zonow as well. And that sounds creepy for anyone to keep pictures of his worst enemies.
Parrish, your making this comic so awesome with the way the storyline is going.
Oh man, I can't wait to see what happens when Robin drinks. Something crazy is gonna happen, I can't wait!!
It's crazy that Robin looks like she's gonna say something else but it was actually about Chris's "birthday".
Hey Parrish, I luv your new profile picture and this new comic is awesome! How much longer is Season 2? Just wondering.
OMG, I cannot believe this is Ashley's "party saving" idea. For all I know I hope this works out, especially since Robin has finally come back.
Oh man I hope Ashley will think of something good because if he doesn't, the party is screwed!
AWESOME! A new member.
Oh, man I know I'm not going to like seeing what happens next. This does NOT look good!!
Aw, man it so got even worse than before, I DON"T BELIEVE IT! Chris is really in the doghouse now!
I remember, parrish, he was in sonic's memories when he sonia and manic were together before splitting.
Parrish, I forgot, was Manic around Season 1 whether it was chapter one or two, I can't remember?
Oh man, that is SO not good!
Good one parrish, get the hell out. Luv this comic.
Ooo, Leigh looks like she can't resist Chris's body and is starting to fall for him.
Oh boy, I can tell someone is going to get splashed in the face and I have a bad feeling its not going to be good.
This story with leigh and chris is starting to get juicy and interesting, I wonder what's gonna happen.
Aw man Chris, why did you have to yell at her. Don't do that! You blew it.
Wow this story is starting to get a little confusing but really interesting!