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Here is our farm. I will now plant my seeds in this fertile ground and wait for the fruit of my work to grow so I can make it into cake.
I had to use the bed to make night pass, and the other side has zombies that are safe in the dark from the overhang of my cave-home. So we're going to tackle the small pond.
They hold liquids.
Skipped the part where I tunneled for a while trying to find iron ore. Found enough to make two buckets.

Ore goes in the furnace to make bars. iron bars can then be used to make buckets, weapons, tools, iron blocks, and iron doors or something like that.

I will make two buckets, then go fill them with water for farming.
@ Da Tico: That's not how this comic works. This functions more as a LP, except not as snarky. Putting speech bubbles in would ruin the screenshots. Also, the most you every see of me is my hand.
So the bed basically causes the night to insta-pass.

Also, here is the outside of the base. Heavily fortified to prevent any more of those damn creepers from messing up our stuff. And I didn't even need to take down any walls!
And then I realized my painterly pack was outdated.
Seeds! Cactus(p)! Gunpowder!
I was brave and killed a creeper. Started getting seeds. In the morning I will mine for iron for a bucket.

But in the meantime, I'm going to explore a new feature for Minecraft with the latest update! THE BED.
The noble cactus, defender of the helpless and the weak.
Cacti (cactuses? cactus? many a cactus?) are kind of annoying. they only can be planted on sand, with no block above or next to them. So they have to be placed in a staggered fashion to make a wall.
Here is the world on the outside of the canyon. Desert which leads to grasslands and some mountains way off. And cactus. Cactus can make a good wall to hold off monsters. They hurt when you walk into them. So I'm going to grab a lot and make a wall.
Home sweet home.
Here's our base so far. It has all our necessaries, but requires some additions. I need to shore up the outside of the walls with something more explosion resistant to prevent another creeper incident. I've been mining out a room in the area behind me in this picture (you can't see it) for stone. I plan on adding some farming area inside the safety of our walls. Also, making another door to push out to the side of our base that we don't have a door to.

Farming works pretty simple. You need a hoe, seeds, and water. You get seeds from using the hoe on grassy blocks. I need a bucket to get the water though. I got some dirt and made the space ready for farming once I get the bucket of water. I started gathering seeds.

I apologize for my long missingness. School gets busy.
I'm afraid I am unsure of how to do that. Sorry.
Delicious Bacon
It heals four hearts. It's also bacon. What's not to like?

I made that furnace and loaded it with sticks I won't need for a while. Bacon is more important.
He only managed to blow a crater in the wall of my base. I realize the damage would be less if I made my base out of cobblestone instead of sand and dirt, as stone is more resistant to explosions. I also realize this would be a good opportunity to start switching over. However, I lack the cobblestone to do so, and I have little time to fill in this hole until the sun goes down. So I'm going to have to fill it back in with my plentiful, plentiful, sand.

Next step is to make a furnace to cook that bacon. Need to keep my health topped off.

...Fuck Creepers.
Oh shit.
This is a creeper. Creepers get as close to you as possible and blow up after scaring you out of your skin with that fucking SSSSSSSSSS sound. I went outside after waiting out the night to go pick up whatever the monsters had dropped. Monsters like zombies and skeletons burst into flame in the light. Spiders become neutral in the light. Creepers? They fuck up your shit 24/7. And this one followed me home. I just barely managed to get inside and slam the door on his face. He knows I'm here.

I have to try and fight him. There are two creepers on the other side of my cavern when I checked at dawn. No door there either. Maybe this one outside my door will just go away?

Skip to night
I have erected a wall of dirt and sand. Also a door. Torches too. To the right is a crafting table and chest.

Time to change the difficulty to easy.


Then hide in here for the night and hope I'm safe. I would hate to lose this awesome world.
Pigs drop delicious bacon when they die. This poor pig must have wandered off the edge of the cliff, falling to his death.

On the bright side, bacon.

I later saw a cow fall from the sky and die as well.
I skipped over the night when everything was really dark. I made a bunch of wooden picks to start mining all this coal I saw that's scattered in the canyon walls. Coal can be used as fuel in a furnace, a train, or to make torches. I will use it to make torches. To light up the night. The cave is also dark in the day.
Home sweet home.
Made it back to my cave to find there was an opening out the back, and just in time to see the sunset. This game has some really beautiful scenery sometimes, despite the very very basic graphics.

Speaking of graphics, this is not the original Minecraft. I installed the Painterly Pack, which changes all the textures, and I edited my own characters skin, which I might show you some time.

Now normally at night, bad things start to come out, and THE SHIT HITS THE FAN. But right now, we're on peaceful mode. So no monsters at night, just sheeps and cows and pigs in the day for now. After I have a basic compound set up, we ramp up the difficulty to easy.