"Take chances, make mistakes, get messy and explore! If you don't look, you don't see, and what you don't see can be very hard to find!"

-Ms. Frizzle
@Tranquil: heehee X3
uncensored page:

threw my tantrum over my tablet, then sat down and redrew it.
First off- Thank you everyone that wrote me such incredibly kind and amazing messages in my hiatus post. I was a tearing up mess for most of them lol.
That said thank you for your sweet words and waiting. Im still not that happy with this page and im very very rusty drawing this now...but ya know what...screw it Im still going to try.

i dont have an update plan or schedule, and the next few pages are going to be background heavy (my least favorite and worst thing to draw imo...) but ill post pages as i get them done!

thank you again for all those new and old that have stuck with me through this dorky comic of mine <3 loves to you all!!
@Sassa-Chan: so glad you like! hehehe yup Enyo's got that bubble booty <3
they're both so beautiful *_*
Uncensored page here :
@GabrielGrey: lol I mean i have seen dick tattoo's.....XD but in enyo's case they're more like birthmarks (luckily lol )
uncensored page: t-mt-tax

good news I got mt tax return FINALLY and was able to quick ship a new tablet charger woo!
@Riaya: so so true XD
uncensored page :

ive never done a naughty uhhhhh internal shot quite like this...hope its not too weird @_@; #thingsIneverthoughtI'dsayinmylife
Uncensored version:

♫ “Splish-splash i was takin a bath ~~ “ ohohoh ;D

also decided imma post pages sundays instead of mondays.
uncensored page:

thank you for the kind welcome back comments! they made me so happy ♥
theyre both so beautifulllll
@like ur avi sheilk: lol thank you here's the full picture of my avi if you havent seen it ;D
aw yisss im back
Uncensored page: ck-baby-so

IM BACK BABY. So usually Kokkinos is a donation comic but for the rest of this chapter It will be free. But for the third and final chapter ill be doing donation thing again but with a different set up for all to enjoy- but ill get into that later. THAT SAID ENJOY THE REST OF CHAPTER 2. Will update every Monday!
@lunarosehitachiin: aw she's lucky to have you as a friend! I hope this comic was a positive thing <3
@Blackchick: oh no!!! I'm glad you like but I hope your head cold gets better!!! bad fever!! *dumps ice pack on head*
@GabrielGrey: Thankyou So much!! That means so much to me, and really really helps <3 thank you thank you!! <3