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"Take chances, make mistakes, get messy and explore! If you don't look, you don't see, and what you don't see can be very hard to find!"

-Ms. Frizzle
@owlteacup: hi there, yes I have made a vow to finish this comic however real life gets in the way 99% of the time and its been quite bad lately so my updates have ceased atm. But hopefully in the future months I can get back up on it :) thanks for reading and your patience!
@:,): thank you SO much! and to whenever you joined= it means the world to me that you liked my comics <3 thank you
@Yumimarie: thank you for always being such an amazing follower and fellow artist <3
@Miss.Moonlily7: You're sooo sweet <3 IM so honored youve' stuck with it for all these years! And I haven't forgotten about the hard copy request- hoping once my life gets more in order I can actually sit down and start making things again lol <3 thank you again so much <3 <3 <3
@Jazmin Zombie: ❤ ❤ ❤
@Anelir-Sensei: ahhh good old Y! gallery lol maybe it'll come back someday XD (i know they're working hard to get it back up). I"m so honored you've kept with the comic and read through it all! Thank you so much <3
@oscarlgz: Thank you <3 yeah i had to give them a very long happy ending lol. And it was fun to see how my styles changed over the decade! Im so glad you like!! Thank you again <3
@Magnolia98: Thank you!! And yup I plan to finish all the comics I've started lol. The one Im going to try hard to finish next is Lethe! which is in my profile here on SmackJeeves! <3 Hope you continue to enjoy!!
@KermitsGirl: baww thank you <3 And thank you for reading it for so long!!
@Quadrant: Thank you Quad <3 mean's a lot to me that you've stuck around all these years and still like my comics! Doing well overall so hoping to continue! Hope you're doing well too!
And that's all she wrote.

My very first comic, 12 years from beginning to end (with quite a few years between with no content). I feel better knowing I actually finished it...even if it was nothing fancy or special.

To those that have been with me since the beginning. I cannot thank you enough. Its because of you that I enjoyed drawing this story, because of you that I continued to do art and felt fulfilled and worth something.

So thank you all new and old. I hope you continue to enjoy my art because thanks to people like you all that have read it and supported me- I can keep going.

Thanks with all my heart <3
the text is still mama-yuki
April 29th, 2018
@YaoiGirl09: something like that~
April 26th, 2018
Farewelllllll~~~ mama-yuki ~~~
April 26th, 2018
Yuki-onna (seppen's mama) and their many forms
April 25th, 2018
How many times can i put the word love in before it gets annoying :P
April 23rd, 2018
5 years since the last update, 12 years since it began. Lets finally give closure to my first comic.

updates will be every other day till its finished ❤
Late post! But I got it done!

That said I am sad to say that pages are going to be on hiatus for a bit again. I'll be traveling almost all of April and won't have as much time to draw as I have.

BUT I plan to start again once I'm home so hopefully pages will be back by the end of the month!

Until then! Love you all!
March 30th, 2018
@Anelir-Sensei: That would be Anaji from @chikao's comic