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I can't draw, I don't have a tablet, nor do I have a scanner. RURRRZ. So I comment. <3
Alias ~ Miyu
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So by chance, I checked SJ in the first time in months and this is the first thing I see. 8Dc

But good luck with life and the pages! <33

And happy birthday, Oremonoooo. <333
fjaisdj. So many pages to read. <33333
Their little aura is so adorable. <3
Depends. :D /could be a masoch- wtf am I saying. xD;;

This paaaaaage. ; w ; </3
Then I'm going to suffer on Twitter thinking of what-if scenarios. 8Db

SENSEI AS UKE. THAT SOUNDS AMAZING. LOLOL. Could be a potential side-story. 8D

And this page is so . . . ; A ; /heartbreaks
YES TEXT. NOW I CAN UNTHINK ALL THOSE SCENERIOS. /sobs GJ for the new pages Himitsu! / o /

And yeah, "urgent favor" to crossdress. 8Db

And Kaotan in the last panel looks so vulnerably cute and d'awwwwww. ;;;;
/insert sad face here with irl heart break. D:

orz If Kaotan passes by, he wouldn't know it was Ichikun since he's wearing that wig. ; A ;;;;
Kaotan's cellphone has such a cute cat. ; A ;

/pats Kaotan. ; w ;
. . . if Mi-chan goes missing, it's not my fault. 8D;;; /is not suspicious

Kyahh. /)///(\ Mi-chan's so cool on this page. :3
And will Mi-chan stalk his brother ? 8D; Tune in to find out. LOLOL. /shot

I want to pick up chibi!Mi-chan so much. ;;; So tiny . . . so cute. <3
Finally caught up! ;;;; Himitsuuuuu. Your comic's still adorable and touching as ever. <3 <3 This was a fun and worthwhile distraction. * w *
lolol. I don't know what to say... xD;; 'cept for those pages . . . the lines were so cute. ; A ; And hilarious, but cute!
Their expressions . . . so cute. ; A ;
My hearrrrrt. So emotional. ; A ;

Omake. * A * And I hope you enjoy your break! ><
How cruel of them. ): Personally, I think Shichi's drawings are zeee best. /shot
LMAO. Shichi's drawings are so epic. * A *
Previous page : Four hours isn't enoughhh. ; A ; True, true, buttttt, I'll find a way. 8D;;

This page: BL scene. So much want. <33 And that circle is actually a bowling ball? 8D
That "...not yet." made my heart cry out. ; A ;

"Worry not" . . . D; How can I not worry when you didn't have sleep ? You need sleeeep and reeeest so you don't accidentally get k.o.ed when you're doing a task! ><

edit. And I'd want that zip file, too, once you finish this comment if you can't print it. 8D;; So I can keep it folever and giggle like a crazy fangirl even when I'm old.
LOL. What a nice save with that medicine bottle. d=w=b

If only I can slap Kaotan if he says something that'll hurt Ichikun's feelings. ; A ; /bricked

Sleep 'lots now! ^^
lolol. Ichikun's being so forceful. <3

And . . . my heart did a little throb reading this cute page. ; A ; And I'm totally not spinning on my chair right now 8D;; /shot