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I actually look like my icon.

aahhh i love drawing animals..........
ah man holdays came in the way sorry
I'm back and i hope i can keep up with this comic a little better now.......
December 6th, 2012
lmfao yeah i decided to put colour on the pages i already drew and upload them on here

i'm sorry for my absence, but i have a hard time actually spending time on drawing lately
January 29th, 2012
2 Page update!!

This one's quality is bad too, because it's actually a photograph.....

These two pages are pretty old already so expect a sudden style change in the next page haha

I'm also trying to find a way to update this comic regularly haha
January 29th, 2012
Sorry for the bad quality, I had to take a photo of this page and colour it with my comp and uh

i guess I'm going to redraw that at some point haha
Hi guys, long time no see! (that's sadder than intended)
If you're wondering, if I abandoned my other comic: I didn't! I'm just looking for a co-author and time to......actually draw it.........

In other news, this is my other webcomic, which is mainly a mixture of horror and BL!! I hope this one won't be lazily updated as well........
March 22nd, 2011
I am so sorry this took so long! I had so much stuff to do for school that I couldn't continue drawing!
But now, I will draw more often, so you don't have to wait for another 2 months ahfdg
I still dislike this page, aaah

Also Thank you very much for the new comments! I really appreciate them!
( Btw, Cedric was writing. :P )
Also, Tuck's an asshole, haha.
January 7th, 2011
Ssso much text.

Tuck's face is so weird. God. ( He also has a very bad taste in clothes and colors. )
January 6th, 2011
@ Paradoxcomic: Ah, thank you very much! So it was 'during'! I wasn't really sure of how you could translate that.
That's so embarrassing...
January 6th, 2011
Dayum, sorry for the delay! Ich will continue drawing more regularly.
As redress all pages are nor colored. ( I will also re-color the previous page. )

Apparently, Cedric cur his hair.

PS: Can somebody help me with that last sentence of Tuck? It seems off for me. ( English is not my mother tonuge. )
December 14th, 2010
This is my personal failure at drawing perspective and trees. Those goddamn trees...
Also that tree looks crippled. But everything's possible in the future, or not?

.. Fyi Tuck's bed is the one one the left and Cedric's is the one in the back.
Okay, title page for the first chapter. With a ridiculous name and a ridiculous drawing.
It seems, I can't stay serious for too long, so this comic's going to be not too serious and not too silly.
2 page submission.

Last page for the prologue~
"Everything's gonna be fine. You just lost half of your eyesight, but hey!"

.. ASS, hahahahaha.

[Edit]Changed the size of all the pages. I hope, you can read the last speech bubble.
Thank you for the comments and favs. I really appreciate that!

hyun so cha: I use PainTool SAI for most of the things. I only use Photoshop for lettering!
I know, it doesn't bleed that much, just wanted to add more drama. XD
November 30th, 2010
Bad English is intended.
They're not gay, they're brothers.