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Punchline graciously contributed by my man Jason.
Suggested by my friend Spencer, who I don't do enough things for.
I apologize for continuing to invoke continuity.
Also happy 50th CWAP strip. Did I seriously make 50 of these? I'm not sure how to feel about that. That IS more diligent than I typically am though so WOO ACCOMPLISHMENT
"No" might be the single most commonly-uttered last word in this entire comic.
I'm not a big superhero comics fan but MAN am I pissed off at Catwoman's new direction with DC's big ugly publicity stunt; though this strip is less directly about that and more inspired by general frustrations I've had for a while of which that was a particularly prickly straw.

Also, I recognize a character can be busty and still legit/used for purposes other than titillation (not the best example but the only one coming to mind at the moment: the Hernandez Bros' Luba) but I still went for the "LOL CHEST" joke since it was easy to do and this strip is nothing if not lazy.

Wordy author comment today I know. In addition to the fine author mentioned in the alt text, this lovely article from ComicsAlliance is also worth a good read if you're as sick of this bullshit as me:
@Rebar: I don't see him passing out from-scratch wine.

Sorry guys, I've been super busy with artwork that actually makes me money, but now that the event I was working on is over I can go back to drawing yelling stick figures for everyone <3 WE ALL WIN.

Seriously though, CWAP's back. Officially. Wooooo~
@shirkersama: Whoops. I'll go back and change it to something else later.
Props to my friend Adri for coming up with the band name.
@Lamont Cranston: Read the mouse-over text, bro-of-mine. <3
Really every CWAP charater's gender is whatever you imagine it to be.

...Except for the ones that had mustaches a couple strips ago.

...Unless those were fake mustaches. INTRIGUE
Oops, vaguely risque again I guess

Avert your childrens' eyes
This is probably about as risque as this comic will ever get
@pokesam: You still use a CRT monitor?

I kid, I kid. Please don't take the comic personally. :)
Why would you even ask Lonelytron that; HIS NAME IS FREAKING LONELYTRON
...And that's the third and final for today; enjoy this rare burst of extra output
You get two strips today, since I decided to take yesterday off. Here be the first. Man, two superhero-related ones in a row? Weird. Must be the articles I've been working on.
Other considered ammunitions were:
I'd actually kind of like to apologize for this one. No, seriously. I kind of despise most non-sequitur humor unless it's done really well. I recognize a LOT of this comic is potentially non-sequitur humor but today's strip is one of the worse varieties of it. We'll try again tomorrow.