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Things about me:

I'm immature, as most middle-schoolers are, so please ignore my n00bnes at things, like my comic or the world of texting and computers.
I'm a spoiled brat.
Call me Smiles.
Or IPadDoodler.

I am a pretty random person, from whacko to depressed to serious.
I can be nice, but it's hard to find me at a point where I'm sad or mad. I just got a tablet for christmas *____* and I'm going to check it out! :DD

If you have to know, at times I philosophy about the meaning of life, the fabric of time, etc. Etc.

I don't think you want to really know that.

I may be looking at getting a custom template. I looked at the FAQ, and I don't get any of it, even if I try. I'm too scared to even try changing the ratings button for fear of horribly messing it up T__T

And I also have EXTREME trouble remembering names. Just something that might help you in the future.

And if you have time, check out my comic! No, not the shameless advertisements (I'm very shameless).
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This page isn't that good
As of now, I still don't have a good idea on how to make color pages look good....
So enjoy a pixellated, over-contrasted picture.

June 26th, 2011
Here's a reason of this madness is because frankly,
I hate this chapter.
I drew this several months ago, so I've realized how weird the characters are here. So just a warning. I hope the 2nd Chapter will be better.
Read the panel comic first, then the picture to the right of it, THEN the notes at the top left corner!

Yeah, I've always wondered why the HenchPeople had normal names. GearStick named them when he inherited them, and he never gave any thought for the names. I love bean paste! I mean, when it's in things like taiyaki, dorayaki, yokan, and the like ^ ^.

I will draw you any picture of your choice if you can guess which manga I got the name Lirin* from!

(*hint: this manga wasn't turned into an anime, it isn't really that well-known, and the title starts with "Watashi no _______-____."
3-weeks with no pages?! D:<
So, the reason why there hasn't been a page in almost three weeks is Homestuck.

It's a really cool webcomic that I got addicted to.

Unfortunately, it has over 4,000 pages and I have yet to reach the end of it.

So yesterday I decided to scan the rest of the pages for the prologue and some of the pages for Chapter 1!

Enjoy, and sorry for the hiatus.
Shoot your gun up into the ceiling. That might be a waste of bullets, however.
The thing Lirin, Dajin, and Tentaro are playing with is DoorKnob.
Who is dead.

Anyways, finally! Characters with actual lame Japanese names!
You'll get to see why at the omake.

They were originally named Henchwoman, Henchman 1, and Henchman 2, but that's too confusing!

Unfortunately I will be unable to post another page today, because I am restricted to a certain amount of computer time, and it will be over in ten minutes...

Not exactly enough time to scan the page, edit it, save it, email it, and post it.

Thank you so much for reading!
Thank you DreamClaw, perfume_OAO, and Kai173, my awesome fans!
Um. Yeah.
So this is Lirin, Dajin, and Tentaro. (from left to right)
They were, "inherited".
Don't get any wrong ideas there.
They have been trained from a young age to serve GearStick, and he can call upon them at any time.
Is that a-?

Wait, nevermind.
looks interesting.
Examine zombie corpses to make sure they don't jump up and eat you.
Or you could poke one of them.
Oh No!
Don't do it! It's a car bomb!!!
Sorry for week-late page!
You'd think as the school year ends, you'd get less homework, right?
I had an English speech last week to prepare for, a 75-problem math review, and a math final.
I can't WAIT till' high school.
Enough with the excuses, the fact is,
I haven't been posting pages.
Partly because I'm lazy, and partly because of homework.

BTW, WHY his clothes went back to normal is because he reconstructed the material in his shirt by collecting elements in the air and fusing them.
Which is pretty much a pretty stupid way of fixing a shirt with magic.

Well, any way, enjoy the page!!!!
Continue screaming down hallways until you find anything interesting.

(this will be my only stupid action)
I can totally hear theme music right now XD
So I'm cutting through the prologue and adding a Mother's Day Special Cover Page! Two days after Mother's day. The next pages, however, were drawn on the day before and on Mother's Day. Enjoy! I was too tired at the time to edit those pages, I might edit them some time later. But probably not. I'm incredibly lazy.
I suck at drawing lots of characters in one area, so I envy your ability XD
You've gotta belieeeeeeeve!
I'm sure there was a song like that.
You need more fans, this is AWESOME! D:<
On the last page, GearStick said "Let's Begin." In theory, the prologue happened AFTER this. So after he mourned over the death of his parents so many years ago, he had on of those "split personality disorder things" and cast away his soft nature and became a ruthless and insane person. If you have any questions, just comment it! I'll answer tomorrow; it's 9 here.
Thank you so much for reading my comic. I look at my "site stats and traffic" of my comic, and I'm so happy to those of you who read even a page of my comic! I love you all so much (in a friend kind of way)

I also realize the quality of the art drains, but that's because of my creativity is also being drained away, so sorry (-___-;)

Thank you! ^ ^
Final Page!
Finally! (Enjoy)