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MetalGear Blaze
Just another a spriter who wants to get better at spriting ^^
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Do you know where get backgrounds like this?
This is an awesome comic! btw, do you know where I can get these Digimon sprites?
Okay cool thanks ^^
Is it alright if I give you a list of other poses and animations for the Leafeon? I'm planing to use it for my sprite series.
Awesome! I've got a new request. Female Leafeon Sprite Sheet.
Hey great comic! Is it okay if I have a copy of the Snivy sprites? I need them for a series I plan on making for YouTube. I'll make sure I give credit.
Cool! are you still gonna make that Mystery Dungeon Snivy? If you are there is no rush.
Nice job! Keep up the good work.
There is no rush so go ahead and take your time.
That's okay I'm able to add on to them my-self if it's Sonic advanced style. I was plaing to do Mystery Dungeon series but I need a Snivy. If you could make Mystery Dungeon Snivy that would be great and of course I'll give you credit for it.
I think you should continue. this is a great peice of work well done! Maybe you could make a Snivy in this style. bwt, are you interested in having any of your sprites used in a vid?