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Who: Just your average "folk-artsy/self taught" person who loves to read all of the wonderful online comics here at Smack Jeeves.

Interests: I have a love affair with food, we're practically married, reading all sorts of books, random facts, and perfume.

Hobbies: Doodling, some photography, and some intense, sporadic moments of gaming.

Vices: Procrastination & Chocolate.
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Take the dog and run.
Ahahaha sometimes I laugh and nod and I have NO FREAKING idea what the conversation is.
That must have been absolutely terrifying. I would have screamed thinking my face was going to break glass.

And that's why I'm always freaked out to use stools or chairs even though I sometimes need them.

It's tough being fun sized.

I fell off my bed last night, I was scooting over and WHUMP! fell straight off onto the floor.
Hahahaha instead of the regular "Please don't laugh at me" it should be "Please don't cry tears of blood"

Love this page.
It's even worse when people harp on you about being broke. But it's like what can you do? I mean unless they're giving out money for free.
Dake is adorable! (≧∇≦)/
At my poorest, bread and cheese and maybe if there's celery make some celery soup with just celery.

Oh no wait, poorest was just eating peanut butter.

HAHAHA yeah so when people ask me "Don't you get sick of eating the same thing everyday?" I respond with ambivalence because I would rather eat the same thing than to have nothing at all.
I think everyone had their breaking point today. Everything just compounds upon one another and then BAM it's craziness, hectic, and chaotic energy everywhere coupled with the frustration buildup.
Going through the exact same thing right now.

You end up looking selfish, or people assume you have everything and can do everything. Nooo, it costs money.

They wonder why you just can't do things and you think "wtf you're always complaining about money and you take a trip wtf. at least when I talk about money I really don't have it."

Everyone looks down on you because you're still stuck in one place. You don't have that brilliant, shiny, outrageous career that should have launched you for bajillion kajillion dollars so that you can live up to your perceived "potential" of kajillionaire. They automatically think FAILURE if you don't turn out or act like you can pull money out of your ass to do shit.
It used to drive me insane when our cat did this.

My first thought was "We might sit there...dear lord"

You're right your eyes can't turn away and your brain can't let you forget.
I second Chikao's choice of words.

Jeez, while these two might have been my favorites, I still want to know what's going to happen next.

Friggin' A.

Shitty deals right there. :(
All I can stare at is the mole LOL
Hahaha, Devoto.
Oh me oh my!
I see what you did there.

Colors are fantastic here.
Pool cue vs. guns, knives, and goons!

ohmygoodness! how adorable!
Oh gosh, just one of my favorite pairings.
Samsol is a tease! He just wants the fans to woooooooooorrrrrrrk for it.

Ahahahaha Dake, he's got such chubby cute cheeks.