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Blah. I like drawing and various video games :P
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Now for my thoughts on the 24 hour thingy...

I'm very dumb right now, and I have no sleep. My hand is CRAMPING MRS. PUFF! I'm spewing out references and songs out of nowhere.

I'm sad not all the pages look the way I wanted them to be, but who knows. Maybe it was better that way? Still. I'll try to make it a point to make some of the pages look like the others.

Now, nappy time for me.
@Super D: Don't worry Man! I'm still working on comics!
That's All Folks~!
Well, I'm glad to have finished the ride! I even found the old banner! Aha!

We'll be back to more Chicken Scratchy comics on May!
See you soon!
In the future, this will probably be the most mindshattering thing I'll ever do, or the most stupid thing ever.

We'll see in a couple of years.
It took me a few days to find a planner like the old one like this guys.
Well here we are folks. I'm about to end it.
My long time family friend and mechanic has passed away. He actually got some Chicken Scratches featuring him. y/

RIP Ramon. 19??-2012
The derivative of zero would be zero right?

...I can't foreshadow something that I'll be doing in several years for now. That's stupid...
Check out what other comics I do in the future, kay guys?

I swear, they'll look prettier than this!

Two more days and this is over!
What is that box? Find out tomorrow when I end it!
...on the 29th.
Yep. I introduce a new character, and then kill off my series.

Good Job Pad.
For those who want to see me take things seriously and actually fill in colors and do it on the computer, there's a new Chicken Scratch-esque comic in the works right now.

Also, I myself do not understand my Bio-Babble.
Guys, I have to level with you.

I want a girlfriend apparently.
And I think I'm witholding that feeling.

Who would have guessed?
I don't do love with me involved, so have some other people making a heart.
Unfortunately, eating stuff off the ground as a kid enhanced my immune system.

I'll be having a livestream on tomorrow at 6:00 PM PST or earlier!
Seriously. What are these called? I want one! =D
Guys. My helicopter broke.

And I couldn't avoid this joke even if I tried.