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February 19th, 2012
I'm pretty sure I'd barf if I had to go through that... XD
February 18th, 2012
I feel his pain. Well not really, but twins are just as annoying. XD
Pi? May sound nerdy, but my math class had a Pi v. e debate. But I digress. Pi is awesome. XD
Oh dear... That's a tad... Messed up. XD
@selecthumor I was talking about Hera. XD
Well now... Now I'm scared. XD
*cough* Sword. *cough*
Gods can't die, but they can be tortured. Sometimes immorality sucks. XD
So Bawss. But I think he'll be trembling in his boot if he's gotta fight Zeus himself. XD
If this happens to him again, do a "I'm blasting of again" joke. :3
Hephaestus looks kinda scary like that XD
Haaaaaa.... Doken! XD
I can tell where this is gonna go.
Ah. He may be crippled, but he's more awesomer. (Ares will kill me for saying that D:)
I expect a good few pages of fighting. :D
...I think Ares is a dead man. I mean God. XD
Simple, yet bad-ass armor. :O
Hrm... I predict an ass-whooping happening in 3... 2...
Bro... That would be AWESOME.