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@dainpdf: specifically, it’s here:

Warning: very old.
@artofjoe: yeah, sorry about that. I hadn’t gone to the effort of uploading book one to Smackjeeves until just last month.
@Phil: It is done.
This page has been translated for your convenience:


Larkspur: I guess our only option is to go to Roma and hope Hemlock knows what to do.<br>We won't get far without money, but we...

Merchant: Oh, I was wondering where you two got to.


Larkspur: Gah!

Merchant: What's the matter, sonny-boy?


Larkspur: E-evening, o merchant.

Merchant: Evening.

Larkspur: Are you aware you're on fire?

Merchant: Bah, I suppose.


Larkspur: Look, at least walk into a pond or something.

Merchant: But then I'll get all wet.
@artofjoe: If you're asking about Nane, she's this person back here --->
@artofjoe: Mine too! Obelix was the primary influence in Phrike's design, for example.
@Mala Tinta: Thanks for the kind words! ....and, yeah, point taken; I'll add a note to the first page now.
@Ork-Kid: You're quite correct! I was too lazy to upload all 491 pages of Book I to Smackjeeves, so I'm starting at the beginning of Book II.

This is a continuation rather than a reboot. Book II (Cerintha and the Dreamer of Dreams) and Book I (Cerintha and the End of the World) are separate, basically self-contained stories set in the same universe.

For reference, you can read Book one here------->
Thanks for the kind words, ValisFan!