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I love both dos, up makes him appear younger and friendlier while down seems like a darker more dangerous side to him.
From Texas too
@Leewings: same here.
And jura is watching my little pony!! 💞
@Travelingpooch: if I remember correctly his name is Kyle but Lee maybe his middle name. He prefers to go by Kylee as he doesn't want to go by Kyle. See page 41. :)
Oh no, I can understand that. If I get too stressed my alopecia acts up, I discovered I had it in elementary school. Poor baby!
Those abs!
Amazing line work especially on the two panels that show Aiden's abs!!
He must have a piercing in his junk, lol!😆
Awe Dio baby!
He's so considerate, he sharp and picks up things! I love this comic!!! 💞
I still love Felix...
What's wrong with me!!
@Hamish C
It's a one shot; the story is going to be condensed so that everything will fit in one neat little chapter.
I noticed the blonde streaks are missing in van's hair.
Is it wrong that I really like Felix?
Love Shuno's arms and expression in the last panel. He so hot and domineering! !
can't believe I found this comic!
I followed this comic from back when you first released it. I was surprised to find it on smackjeeves and in color too! So my question is would you ever reboit your first comic, missiontrance?
poor baby!
I hate when I see children mistreated or hurt for no reason. Rahu stop pulling at my heartstrings.
Awe Mal reread the fortune! That's right stay optimistic, you and BJ will work out.
I love naoto hair darker, versus his in-game hair.
@*milk+assassin*: I love your dramatical murder icon, this psge is dynamic! My favorite part is how the creature's mask is flying into the foreground, awesome perspectives.
Great so far, but damn the jerk boyfriend has the same name as my awsome boyfriend. Keenan is a wonderful name.
Val's body in the last panel is ridiculous, I love it.