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I am back ^^'
After a few complication with my laptop and school, I am finally back with more comics!
Fuck ups
Yeah, the background buildings are popping up out of nowhere and the text is bold.
I was too tired to notice when I made this.
Guest Authors?
@Xanden Man the assasin

That would be a nice idea. I could have cameos from people, but I would need their sprites for it.
So sure, why not xD
Sharky :3
If anyone wonders why I keep refering to Zoro as "The Shark" is because Oda, the maker of One Piece, himself said that, if Zoro was an animal, he would be a shark.
And the double title of those pages is supposed to make fun of the dramatic title of episodes in japanese animes.
I was on DD for a year and never got a lot of views. 4 Days on here and I am like "awesome, 600 views!" xD

But you seem to do even better =)
Glad for you. Not jealous at all. No. XD
I already know I will like this one a lot xD
Blood!? O_O
The effect of the blood were made with Trevors sheet actually xD The flams of his knifes have been used as blood multiple times and I wanted to ask if I should keep blood in, or not.

Also, through out the entire arc, while making the comics, I am listening to The Landing - Final Fantasy VIII. Such a great track to motivate you.
Yeah, they should come up with one :/
Well then, I planned on reading through your comic anyway, and look for update, so maybe at one point it will count me as a fan.
Damn.. here I bitch about not having any comments or fans on my sprite comic, but you, with REALLY great drawing only have 5 after 217 pages?
God something is wrong here =_=
If I knew how to become a fan on here, I would so do that.
Glad to hear, then I will probably keep an eye on this. The sprites look great.
I wanted to know if you guys think I should use more transparent sprites for motions, or if it gets annoying. Its up to the people who read this.. if any do.
Is there a page missing or so? xD
Cause it kind of seems like these characters are fan made, so I wonder if there is more of them.
I love One Piece. I really do. Together with Hitman Reborn it is my favorite Anime / Manga and I had to have some battles against characters that I love to praise.