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Hello there, you can call me Roxx. I am a long-time artist and a fan of many things. I have been drawing all of my life and I hope to start posting comics here soon. I've been coming here for inspiration and entertainment for a while now.
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Hey, Welcome back!
I hope all is well for you, and I’m glad to see a return to this comic.

And with some eye style changes I see; look at them, they have irises now!
This scene is adorable, I love you for bringing it to us
Between "Is my sketch showing" and this bit about low self-confidence and being a television, RGB has been quite enjoyable these past couple pages.
Oh, he starts breathing down your neck WAAAY before December first.
Good luck with life-figuring friend!
This comic is definitely still on my watch list.
This page is adorable.
Is Mira missing her gloves?
Seriously, I need my own Nekki. The most precious baby I've ever seen.
I almost flipped a table frickin Nekki is too cute
Fire baby is frickin' cute
It's so relieving to hear Hart finally starting to believe some of this stuff about Gram!
Maybe he won't end up getting away with it.
Heck yeah!!
Oh, okay dang. I wonder how I missed that.
I've been thinking he was trans the whole time.
I'm kinda confused,
I thought Teri was trans? FtM?
So why would they be called him "him" if he was born female?
double nuuuuuu
January 10th, 2018
"See ya, space cowboy"
What a charming house ^ ^
God, Teri's stress is starting to stress me out too.
Good writing dude!
Damn Bio, you are working over-time on these comics lately. Good job dude.

Also wanted to say I was pretty surprised at Teri's reaction. I thought he was finally gonna blow up or blame his dad for bringing him up here. I guess he likes/respects his dad more than I thought and didn't want to trouble him or let him know how badly it's been going, especially after how much he wanted his son to work up here with him.
Either that or Teri is just really determined to keep his problems to himself.