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Hello there, you can call me Roxx. I am a long-time artist and a fan of many things. I have been drawing all of my life and I hope to start posting comics here soon. I've been coming here for inspiration and entertainment for a while now.
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Dang it Deadwood, you coulda given her /some/ strength at night to help her carry it.
But maybe it was just not meant to be in the first place.
I agree, it almost feels like a page is missing.
It's especially weird that the slowking that was telling the story looks shocked right after he says the last sentence of it?
And the meinshao looks completely blown away.
I believe there is a typo in the first panel.
I almost didn't notice it but something seemed off.

I love your comics! Keep up the great work!
November 13th, 2018
The clearing is so nicely decorated with three flavors of blood.
Oh also, just some, business advice or something?
You could probably make some okay money on the side by doing Pokemon OC commissions, maybe on Deviantart or Tumblr?
You are quite good at drawing pokemon, and with great expressions and interesting poses. I feel like you could find people who would want to commission you if you set up a page with art from your comic.
It might even be nice to take a break from other work and just draw some pokemon now and then.
Just something to consider later on after you've figured other things out.
I think that is a great idea. I scrapped an Invader Zim comic concept after coming to basically the same realization.
(Though tbh the exposure you've gotten, and may still get, from this comic will likely give you a leg up on your next original comic ;)
I wish you luck on your next project and am very exited to follow along to see more of your art.
Crazy Auntie Cordelia
Hey, Welcome back!
I hope all is well for you, and I’m glad to see a return to this comic.

And with some eye style changes I see; look at them, they have irises now!
This scene is adorable, I love you for bringing it to us
Between "Is my sketch showing" and this bit about low self-confidence and being a television, RGB has been quite enjoyable these past couple pages.
Oh, he starts breathing down your neck WAAAY before December first.
Good luck with life-figuring friend!
This comic is definitely still on my watch list.
This page is adorable.
Is Mira missing her gloves?
Seriously, I need my own Nekki. The most precious baby I've ever seen.
I almost flipped a table frickin Nekki is too cute
Fire baby is frickin' cute
It's so relieving to hear Hart finally starting to believe some of this stuff about Gram!
Maybe he won't end up getting away with it.
Heck yeah!!
Oh, okay dang. I wonder how I missed that.
I've been thinking he was trans the whole time.