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I'm me, that's about it :)
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Your art continues to become more beautiful. :)

:) I can't wait to see what happens.
*waiting for some little light at the end of the tunnel*
Josh, you are amazing.
I really hope that Kaidou doesn't get upset.
I love your art so much. Artlinne is adorable. :)
When I read the second panel, I assumed that there was going to be a picture of Carrie. That would have been close to what the right answer is.
Shuno... :(
Studying is important. But maybe Kaidou could help Aki?
Yeah, the glitch is still happening to me, also. But refreshing does help.

And Kaidou... noooo...
I'm hoping for the best. Kaidou looks a bit sad...
I was starting to miss him.
Kaidou just needs to suck it up and agree that he was an adorable baby. :P
And with this photo, all the hearts melted in awe. :)
For a rough sketch, it's very well done. :)
I love the progression of this story. So far, so wonderfully done :)
This is definitely a more pleasing sight. :)
I don't think Kaidou thinks it's weird at all. I think he sees it as adorable.
If I woke up to that, I think I'd have a similar reaction. :P
Even though I feel like they should both just accept the relationship, I think the mother might be the ultimate opponent. His father seems like he could be swayed towards supporting it. :)
New characters, yay! :)