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Short vegetarian wannabe artist.
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I'm glad you updated, and that you are feeling better! But this.. "(at least I'm not smoking òAó It's too expensive)" made me laugh! Haha! So the only reason why you don't smoke is because it's too expensive?
Uhuhuhu~ I'm just teasing. c:
I know what you mean.
Despite my username, I do not smoke either. ^ *^;
December 4th, 2010
This is so adorable. Q uQ
I really liked the fact that it was over deviantart! xD
I had also met my girlfriend on dA, so I can sort of relate! c:
AHHH. * // ^ // * I cannot wait to see what happens~! ♥
I laughed so hard when I read "OMG! There's a flying pigeon!"
AH. I can't wait for another update! > u <
I'm just trembling with anticipation1!
Please keep up the good work<3

I really enjoy this story.
I.. ; u ; Feel like crying.
Aha, again the cute little chibi faces~ <3
Vair nice.
Sososososo cute. Especially the last panel! "I <3 you" >w<
So cute!
Also, Ariel has ceased to make me giggle! I admire your work very much!