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Xbox Live - A mooing dragon
PSN ID - a_mooing_dragon
Steam - Yoshi-kun83
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    Ron Lee
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Oh freaking-
Just noticed the speech bubble tail for the very first bubble is going to the wrong character. It's meant to go to the Terror Bear wielding Yoshi there.
So, just so no-one gets confused, this would be Richtofen77's first comic, not me suddenly changing all I know about comic making.

I did however, show him "Me making a couple panels of an example comic" and I guess he just kind of ripped off my style.
So imcooldude, this is how you make a comic. (Notsosrsface)
And since Richtofen can't figure out how to comment on the mobile thingy, so here's his response:

Richtofen77: "Why would you make my intro filler anyways? Plus, how could I be watching you if I'm on vacation?"
@imcooldude: Even if this is a filler, it shouldn't be shoddily made. You should give it your all for anything, get practice, get better, and if you get good get more fans for your "terrible filler"
Erm. Wat. This doesn't seem like it actually flows.
It just feels like a bunch of cut up clips or something stuck together. Like maybe an old clip show made to tell a different story than it was meant to I guess is a way I could explain it...
Gah. Got rushed a bit.
Was really pressed for time near the end, sorry if it seems a bit awkwardly made near the end. Have to leave for a trip literally right now as I finish typing this comment.
Well, out of nowhere, I'm leaving on a planned trip a few days early. I'll try to get the comic done before I leave, but if not done, it'll be a week before I'm back. Sorry.
Oh, and yes, we will have a little explanation for the Private's clothing change. Mine need not be explained as my re-made sprite sheet is the design shown in this strip above.
@imcooldude: Well, I'm about done with my re-made sprite sheet, as is kind of shown in this comic, just need a few sprites from you, sir. And the sprite clashing he was talking about was the NES Creature with the GBA backdrop and Tails sprites I believe.
@NightOwl35: "First of all, the Castlevania sprites you are using are by far not a good choice. At all. I'd suggest looking for sprites from either the GBA or DS games, to fit in better. As it is now, you're having multiple style clash against each other and it's not working out in your favor."

That was kind of the point, with my character killing "R. The Creature" (R being retro). There are sprites for the Creature in the DS games, yes, but that would defeat the point a bit. That is a normal enemy in those games, and in Harmony of Despair, our main basis for a bunch of Castlevania jokes we'll likely make in this thing, while R. Creature is a boss in CV1 and once again, Harmony of Despair. I did warn him about bit-mixing ahead of time, though, haha.

"Every panel has different widths for the outlines"

He told me that he would make 100% sure the panels would be equal next comic he makes, but he seemed to be too lazy to do so this comic, as he had already made the panel and didn't want to re-do it.

We'll be switching off each comic however, so looks like I'll possibly get some critique on my comic creating soon enough. =b
Hey, seems I'm not so alone anymore.
Finally fixed my comp!
Welp. Here's my late, late intro. All I got to make before my comp crashed. Recovered my files though, no harm done really. I'll go ahead and post my sprites up on the page, and get to making more comics, haha.