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I'm a girl who is seriously regretting choosing this username, but cannot be bothered to move to another account. Just call me Kat. It's as good as most things.
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There is a Totoro, a soot sprite, and Calcifer, the fire with a face.
I've just realised while re-reading the comic, that in the first chapter, after this, I presume, Patch was looking for an Eevee egg. Now my mind is putting things together.
Where do you get the sprites from? And if you get them yourself, can you message them to me?

EDIT: And the maps?
Pecha Berry!
You draw such cute Eevees!
Black Get!
I don't have the time to play Black. I've moved house recently. Admittedly I got 5 badges in 2 days and am now on my way to the league, Cobalion in hand. Tomorrow I shall see if I can get Victini. I (Before I moved) had a friend with white who was quicker than me at it, so got me a Rufflet and a Deino. I thank him, though at level 40 Something it hasn't evolved.
Actually they stated in a miny movie at the start of the Unown and Entei one that it had been a year exactly since he had met Pikachu! He must have had a birthday then!
I tried that myself and it took three times. It messed up when I said"Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!"
I love Mint's battle sprite! I hope you don't mind me asking, but could I use it? If not that's OK.
*Madly Runs Away From Petshop* I don't like dogs.
They both look like pudding. :D
Same again.
My Psyduck took me to Cianwood and back to Olivine.
I would...
I would cameo, but I have no custom sprites.