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Froken Keke
I am a swede who happens to draw a comic. Also, I like animals.
As a scandinavian, I like the last name you choose.
This is the "dooriest" page I've made so far.
("Om vinyl" means "About vinyl".)
This is a school assignment, which sort of ended up in the form of a Trannywolf comic.

It's interesting to see Kiki take LSD.
Fezzes are cool.
Wait, what's going on?
And that's it, the next one will be back to the ordinary page layouts. (Somewhat.)
Is the "Java is always rainy" thing really true? I've always wondered that.
I'm gonna try experimenting with the page layout a little with this.

I'll upload the rest of the comic later tonight, after I've seen BATMAN!
Based on a true story.

(The new one isn't out here yet, and I have to wait until friday to see it, because my friend is busy the whole week. The wait is probably gonna kill me.)
Another christmas strip, from december 1st 2011.
Froken Keke
July 13th, 2012
I love this, strong contrasting black and white stuff is my favorite, there's so much emotion in the shapes and everything.
That actually looks really nice, I like it.
I like how there's a sword on the poster in the background, subtle and clever.
Wow, I'm done.
Oh, nylon. How I've missed you...
Biting is the best battle strategy.
Dizzy Miss Kiki.
Somehow I managed to take a one month break yet again.
The old classic comic swap for April 1st, made by Owlor. You'll get to see the comic I made for him on his comic Sounds Like a Melody whenever he uploads it. (I think he's asleep right now.)

Sounds Like a Melody =51138