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A pen is my paint brush,
words are my paint,
paper is my canvas
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Kits: That's a cozy nest there, Steeley... Hope that doesn't rustle your feathers........ Peep.

(very cute comic so far hon! can't wait to see more!)
Osriel: And that is how I met your mother.
*petting his wings*
awesome! looking really great! can't wait to see more pages!
UPDATE! I re-did this page! Now it's no longer blurry and it looks a lot nicer!
On the main page/image you click to come to this page it looks like the old one... But the page is updated with the new pic/comic page!
@dragonlegends: Thanks! ^^
Chapter 2
I'll get started on Chapter 2 soon!
End of Chapter 1
End of Chapter 1!
Chapter 2 will be starting soon!
Never scare a girl... Marko has just learned that the hard way... Gotta pity the downstairs neighbours XD
And the plot starts rolling!
Ghosts are hard to do in photoshop @.@ but she turned out pretty well I'd say.
Page one up!
And it begins!
Title page~
looks great man!
lol, cheesecake, the ultimate cake.
looking good!