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Dragon Rider
Collecting obscure bits and pieces of Arcane and Esoteric Lore. Planning the Conquest and Domination of the universe, currently accepting applications for the following positions;
1. Love Interest/Bed Warmer/Bimbo/Arm Candy
2. Fall Guy
3. Evil Scientist
4. Comic Sidekick
5. Other miscellaneous positions leave resume with the moat monster.

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Audition Time
Looks like a audition for the Rocketts From Hell Chorus Line
Aw Dadburn It!!!!
Here I was looking forward to some good old fashioned S&M electro-torture. However, Thunderthighs does seem to be a bit green around the gills in the last panel. Do you suppose our girl is a bit less than Spring Fresh, so when she tried to find out if her captor was a cunning linguist the aroma overwhelmed her?
I think that means no to the beer.
Too Scary
Too much like what happened in Canada a couple years ago when the Hudson Bay Company wanted to build on Indian land, treaties and civil rights were tossed out the door be the authorities.
And this is different from then because?
He already has Jackboots, just recolor the uniform to black with silver lightning flashes rather than a star. Have him move the Headquarters to Moyock, NC with the rest of GWB's stormtroopers.
Still say something here doesn't seem quite right.
[quote]or was that on her back soon? [/quote] We can only wonder and conjure up mental images. Still wondering if Polly/Folly saw the infamous margarine/butter temper tantrum Marlon Brando thew in the movie. Hint "Last Tango in Paris" had a memorable scene that almost got cut by the censors due to the references to butter and its uses.
Further deponent sayth not!
Isn't he a shinning example of Manhood? Errr excuse me, I meant Religious Reichood. His idea of problem solving for American is gonna be round up all minority unemployed and put them in concentration camps.
I would have thought they would have told him to not call Sarah Palin or his wife
Dani, Dani, Dani
No feeding on the guests, especially that one, something not right here. No costume, looks like a trap.
Would white sheets and hoods be more appropriate for this crew?.
Oh Yea Verily!
Honesty, Integrity and Justice for all!( Such as Kellog and Brown, Bechtel-Parsons, Haliburton, Blackwater, Enron G.O.P=Greedy Old Pigs
Why-Oh-Why am I not the least bit surprised?
Wasn't complaining about the change, just making a note for posterity. Also note that she seems to like mirrors so she can observe her work from various angles. BTW What or possibly more correctly who is our not so little fairy doing these days
Houston We Have A Problem
If Comic stereotypes run true to course the Donald Rummy look a like seems to have the red eyes usually associated with Demons, Vampires and general nasties. He wouldn't happen to have been on the board of the bank before government service would he?
Hold On Here
Those Sweater Puppies are big but they ain't that big, those are just plain obscene, send her in a Bikini
Comment NSFW
Thunder Thighs getting a little kinky is she? Wonder if our erstwhile heroine might have had beans for her last meal, might well provide a bit of comic relief, her lack of under garments might prove an unexpected asset in this situation. However it would seem Thunder Thighs, who does appear to have been using a "Thigh MasterĀ®", also shares a disdain for underwear. So I feel confident she is well aware of the negative aspects of using electro play rectally when she is standing beneath her victim.
Quite a crew you have now assembled here my friend, Tanya is physically into Yuri, Garurach has a Harem that is in Beastality, Fiona is into BDSM, Hornia is busy living up to her free spirited name, and Folly the Butter Fairy, what oh what could she be using the butter for, possibly she watched Marlan Brando in "Last Tango in Paris"?
Oh Yeah!!
Georgie Porgie
Puddin and Pie
Snorts Cocaine
And Gets real high

Georgie Porgie
Puddin and Pie
And Air Guard Pilot
Who's too high to fly