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Night Fall will resume in December- I've been dying to draw some of my OCs lately- so I'm really excited to get working on it again. xD

Pokemon: Rising Shadows might go on hiatus again during that time- I love my Pokemon characters- but my original characters are much more important to me at heart. I feel bad for neglecting them so much.

We'll see...

NaNoWriMo Progress: Getting there. Slowly. Eventually. Maybe.
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Hey guys- chill on the comments about the fight scene. I've always gotten the impression from the art style that is very heavily influenced by manga. And it'd make sense to take other cues from manga as well.

A lot of manga tend to have a more decompressed pacing due to their weekly releases. It's not uncommon for fight scenes to last dozens of pages. The main reason this fight scene felt as long as it does is because of the one page per week (ish) update schedule.

So please stop leaving comments complaining about the length of the fight. I don't think the author (Umi) appreciates those comments. It's annoying and discouraging at best.

I for one really enjoyed the fight scene- definitely a well thought out sequence. Fight scenes are HARD.
Whoo! Another page! Next page/s might be a bit late since I'm out of town and have not had the chance to start them.

Sort of. Until I die and fail at updating again. It's okay. =) I'm sure someone will find the shambles of the PRS outline near my corpse eventually.
@Koren: This is not the first time Echo has appeared when she was awake.

@Nestman: Mist probably needs a hug. And some shiny.

@WriterRaven: Poor Mist indeed.

@Littledc: Lots of nightmares.

@venami: Echo? Nice?!

@AndreTheLugia: Everything going wrong at the start of the chapter?! I usually save that for the end!

@Nashew: Don't we all?

@Captain Oblivious: NEVER!

@NeonUmbreon: HOW DARE INDEED.

@Guest: Correct except that Echo did appear in a reflection when she was awake prior to this page.

@Legosamurai732: We don't actually know that. =) No one's ever seen Echo in the reflection but that doesn't mean no one can!

@Guest: Yup

@Guest: I remove non-comic pages at the end of the month to prevent clutter.

@Excalibeon: I'm glad you enjoy it!

@ksfox: Thank you! I'm glad you like the comic so far! There's no -immediate- plans to return the twins yet. But worry not, if I ever have the opportunity... >D

@buscuit: Pfft.

@SentryBeat: She can

@Draethon: Oh man, yeah- sorry about that. I'm taking a special summer course that's eating my soul and free time. PRS is on hiatus for the time being.
@buscuit: I fear the thought of Mist becoming self aware.
@buscuit: More silly is indeed coming.
I'm only a little late! I can't promise weekly updates right now- especially with any background heavy pages- but I'll at least try. xD
@WriterRaven: So it does!

@Siks: Pfft!

@wifijoe: Can you? =)

@Legosamurai732: Trust me, I can't wait to get things moving. xD

@Mystic Hunter: Is that really Mist though?!

@Nashew: Woo-oo!

@Guest: Any filler pages get removed after comments are tallied for raffles. This is to prevent clutter for readers so they can read uninterrupted. All the asks are up permanently on the ask tumblr.

@Shotgun Chuck: It's just a cover. xD

@VCrusher: I don't either. xD

@NeonUmbreon: xD

@Zirilon: =) Who says I plan on traumatizing anyone -this- chapter?
@NeonUmbreon: Hard to believe indeed. How am I still alive. X_x

@-FluorescentScales-: Thank you!

@AndreTheLugia: Thank you! xD I do love surprises. Giving them, anyway.

@Shadow_Strikr: Pfft. Ssshhh.

@wifijoe: This year is gonna be a fun one. We get character backstories... of the main cast and not supporting characters. Whoops.

@Mujaffa: Lots of improvement.

@WriterRaven: Yee! Thank you!

@TheJGamer: It's been quite a journey!

@Umbreon5456: yee! Thank you!

@Nashew: If you think about it, it counts for over 1/5th of my life so far. =)

@Kuindi89: Yay!

@Captain Oblivious: Woo-oo!

@Siks: xD Sure you can.

@Silvertheumbreon: Thank you!
@Zirilon: Such a positive outlook right there. xD

@BananaUhl: I know, right?

@AndreTheLugia: Maaybe.

@Draethon: PRS Pages are HOPEFULLY scheduled to resume this week. The Q&A session was mostly to help pass the time while I dealt with the end of semester chaos and prepped the next chapter for production. =D I have absolutely 0 buffer, but I can safely say script and layouts are done. Those are important.
It's officially been five years since I started PRS! It's been a grand journey- and I'm so happy to have been able to share it with so many amazing people. <3 Seriously guys- I would've never made it this far without all of your encouragement and support.

I don't know what this next year has in store- Grad school is tough- but I certainly hope to keep the comic going strong as ever! With that said, while I'm not entirely done scripting or thumbnailing the next chapter- I do hope to have the cover page for Chapter Nine done tonight. In fact- I'll probably end up streaming it- so keep an eye out for that! Iif the cover page doesn't take too long (it shouldn't) I'll take some requests to pass the time. I hope to start around 5-7 PM central time and will be going for many many hours (I need to stay awake til 5 AM for reasons, so plenty of time for requests!) Sometime during the stream I'll host a special raffle for everyone present (and everyone on the standard raffle list too!)

So please drop by the stream and join the shenanigans! =D It'll make Naya happy! Keep an eye out for the next journal!
My guess is hidden power Ice. =P


JK. I approve of this harmless fun, see?
So, what is PRSaga? Well, in short- it's going to be a collection of one-shot comics based in the PRS world. When I first started PRS I had big plans, lots of characters, and a lot of ideas. However, as I've continued through PRS I realized my ideas were getting a bit much for a single story. Naya was hardly the main character and covering the backstories of other characters was making the main plot move in a pace so sluggish a snail could circle the earth before I'd finish the comic. I had to start making cuts. At first it was a few scenes here and there- like one where I had Miah trying to talk Cero out of doing something stupid or an extended battle in the temple where more than just Cero comes to the rescue. Then I started cutting more. Story arcs that I deemed non-essential to the plot. Character stories that would eat up too much time for too little payoff. The goal was to get PRS down to a length that wouldn't take me 20 years to complete.

It was no secret in the discord server that I was cutting things. A member of the server- Runesage- asked if anyone was interested in a collab project. He's a great friend and an active member of the discord server with a strong interest in writing. I took up the offer on the condition it was a short story- not a full blown project. We bounced ideas around and eventually settled on the idea of creating a one-shot about Reggie since he's one of the characters with a less solid backstory that wouldn't have made it into the main comic. Lots of ideas were bounced around and we now have a solid outline for a 22 page comic featuring Reggie and his first adventure. Why stop there? There are plenty of stories in the PRS world that won't fit in the main comic that could be told- so we decided on Pokemon Radiant Sagas (keeping that PRS acronym) to be a series of short stories featuring various cast members. These stories will all be considered canon to the PRS world but not essential reading to understand the main PRS story. They may however connect to the main story somehow.

Preemptive FAQs:

Q: When will PRSaga start/update?
- Unknown. We're currently in the scripting phase of the first story. Patrons will get exclusive concept art, WIP shots, etc. as we go through scripting and layouts. Once a suitable buffer of pages is made I will start posting pages on patreon for those of the $5+ tiers. These updates will take place on the bonus Tuesday updates instead of extra PRS updates when the comic is updating. Once the entire comic is complete the posts will begin to be put up for the public on a once a week basis.

Q: Why release on Patreon first?
- Imagine that you're a comic writer. Now imagine that every time you miss an update or take a break you get about 10 messages asking "When's the next page?!?!?!?!" Now picture how annoying that gets. Multiply that by two. It's bad enough being pestered over main PRS when missing an update that I'd rather have each story of PRSaga complete before beginning updates for it. I also sorta want to give the Patrons a special treat for their amazing support over the last two years. Without them I wouldn't even be considering working on another comic on top of PRS. Don't worry though- any and all comics will go public as soon as they're ready. I would never create a patreon-only comic. It'll just be less stressful for me not to worry as much about missed updates.

Q: Will this effect the main PRS comic production?
- Yes and no. The goal is to still have PRS update on a weekly basis when not on hiatus. PRS will only lose the bonus Tuesday patreon updates whenever PRSaga is updating. However, the main story will take priority over PRSaga. If I don't have time to complete a PRSaga page I will upload a PRS page on the Tuesday update. Hopefully I'll have enough of a buffer of both comics that this never becomes a problem.

Q: How long will each PRSaga story be and how many will there be?
- Each story will be no more than 22 pages. Right now, we only have a short based around Reggie planned. We'll focus on scripting out this one before we start brainstorming another. Right now I do not expect to have more than one of these a year.

Q: Will I need to read PRSaga to understand events in main PRS?
- No. The stories are canon and may be relevant to the main PRS plot, but anything incredibly relevant to the main PRS plot will be shown or explained in main PRS in some form or another. This is mostly an excuse for me to cover things that would not make it into the main comic for pacing reasons.

Q: Who is working on PRSaga?
- Runesage and myself. Both of us are brainstorming, outlining, and scripting the stories as a team. I will be in charge of all art stuff.
Page by RivalMax!
@Nashew: AT LAST.

@NeonUmbreon: Yup! And another break for me. Bwahahahaha!

@AndreTheLugia: Is it?

@WriterRaven: Yup! Long wait, but worth it!

@Shotgun Chuck: =) Only one way to find out.

@wifijoe: Maybe? Maybe not!

@First151: There's a lot of answers. And some new questions. =P

@Shadow_Strikr: Haha. Nah. I don't think I could get away with this twice.

@Silvertheumbreon: Yes, she was.

@TheJGamer: DUN.

@buscuit: But who wants to be a GOOD guy when you can be the villain?!
@wifijoe: Then just make random stuff. I'm sure that's what some people here do.

@buscuit: Pfft. No, the weavile doesn't need one of those.
@buscuit: xD I'm sure some would disagree in this case.