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Comic Status:

Night Fall will resume in December- I've been dying to draw some of my OCs lately- so I'm really excited to get working on it again. xD

Pokemon: Rising Shadows might go on hiatus again during that time- I love my Pokemon characters- but my original characters are much more important to me at heart. I feel bad for neglecting them so much.

We'll see...

NaNoWriMo Progress: Getting there. Slowly. Eventually. Maybe.
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@Darvin: AU broke no rules. The rules state one question per post/comment but no hard cap on how many questions to be asked. (Don’t abuse that, of course.) Posts breaking rules are usually deleted in a timely manner.
Hate to post another one of these but Guest commenting is officially disabled on PRS due to increasing amounts of spam. I apologize to the good guests who followed all rules, but this had to be done.
There's been an increasing amount of people not following the rules/instructions of both the Q&A sessions and Cameo Calls. It's getting more than a little tiresome and spammy at times.

I'm making this very clear right now: Failure to follow the rules will result in neither your cameos or asks from ever being accepted. I will delete anything that breaks the rules on the spot. I won't accept redoes.

Continual failure to read the rules and spamming the wrong places as a result -will- result in a ban from the comments.

It's not that hard to read the instructions. If this trend continues I will start making cameo and Q&A sessions available only to the regulars in the discord server.
@Ark the Glaceon: If you read the rules (which you clearly did not) you would know:
- Eeveelutions are banned
- This is the wrong place to post your cameo request and it is guaranteed to be ignored.
@Shotgun Chuck: PRS is not a PMD comic and therefore doesn't follow 'human' years. There are no humans in PRS. It follows its own timeline.
Before I forget: One question per comment/post please! You may submit multiple questions. It makes it a lot easier for me to track questions and remove ones that have been answered.

I will ignore anyone putting multiple in one comment/post.
@BudgieGryphon: It was meant to be there from the start. I forgot it.

But no. Any eeveelutions submitted before the addition to the cap have no chance to get in. There's only two exceptions for close friends.

The reason for this is because they're overdone as hell and I've grown very tired of drawing them as requests. Additionally they are meant to be rare in the PRS world and letting them in as cameos just floods scenes with them.
@Lucarvee: They're still not.
@Lucarvee: They're not.
@Emc_502: They don't have to be characters. You can just list Pokemon you want to see so long as it fits.

@Hardychuckle (Guest): It's not lower. It only appears that way cause Echo wants to troll you.

@42Meep: I got 4 different absol cameo requests before I banned them. So um... yeah. It's a rare Pokemon in the PRS world and I don't want to toss a bunch in for cameos.

@silversalandit110: Clothing and accessories is fine so long as it fits with the PRS world and I'm up for drawing it.

@gamerblackjacket: Nah- refs don't have to look like my style at all. They'll be drawn in my style for the cameo.
Here's the link- be sure to read all rules!


The last page of Chapter 9 goes up on Friday! =D
I'll be doing what I did between Chapters 8 and 9 again. So Q&A is now open for the duration of the hiatus! Same rules as last year. As always, any character with an on-panel appearance is fair game. Just note if I skip over your answer it may be because the answer might involve spoilers, it did not follow rules, or I simply didn't have a worthwhile answer. Just please be sure to ask in the proper location. For SJ it's in the comments here. As in- the comments of this one specific page. Not the comments of Page 09-20. Not the comments of answer posts. This page. Any questions asked elsewhere can and will be ignored. Questions may also be asked on Patreon, DA, and Tumblr. Patrons get priority on asks.

Answers to asks will be posted on Patreon first. Tumblr will get them a week after patreon. SJ will get them in small chunks in place of normal Friday updates. Tuesday updates are on hold for the time being. DA will not get answers but questions may still be asked there.

For SJ asks: Please ask them here.
For DA asks: Please ask them at the dedicated journal.
For Patreon Asks: Please ask them in the dedicated Q&A Post.
For Tumblr Asks: Please use the 'Ask the Cast!' form!

----- Links ------

SJ: Here

Finally the chapter is done! Which means it's time for a hiatus. No worries- there will be updates to pass the time. In fact, the next Q&A session will be going up sometime in the next few days for people to start! Additionally PRSaga (The Reggie Ruins) will hopefully begin updating for Patrons while I get Chapter 10 ready to go. PRSaga will be patron-exclusive until the entire chapter is done. After that it will update on a weekly basis on SJ. So no worries.

See y'all soon!
Puns and bad jokes: The true stuff of nightmares.

You can blame Robin and Rune for contributing to this page and the next.
@AssaultBird2454: Garnet is thankfully a lot more reasonable to argue with than Elene. There's a reason she's in charge. xD

@Nashew: FOR NOW. =)

@runesage: I literally came up blank on something to compare to so I took the silly route.

@Umbreon5456: Yee! Thank you so much! I've had Garnet designed for years now and this is the first time she's made it into full color. <3 I've been excited for her to appear cause I like her design myself!

@gamerblackjacket: Language, please!

@venami: Naya is too cozy to process stuff.

@comercole: Elene has no chill. She's too busy worrying and stressing over everything.

@WiispNightmare: Yee! Thank you!

@Zirilon: Naya is either: "Is that not normal?" or under the impression that everyone at the planning meeting was just that agreeable.

@Dendris: Elene is very protective of Mist and the other 'kids' at the mansion. She's got authority but her word isn't final. Mist can't overrule her alone as she's not officially in charge yet. Garnet however can- but typically it's best not to just flat out ignore the people you're working with. Garnet tries to keep the peace.

@Wolfier: Poor Naya. Maybe she was. And I do believe Elene mentioned the crime Talon was accused of- just not the details- in an earlier page.

@AndreTheLugia: Garnet just has perfect timing.

@Julian or Yoshidakid: Haha

@Ark the Glaceon: If you're an overprotective mom charged with taking care of a group of troublesome young ghosts- would you let someone accused of murder in?

@Shotgun Chuck: Pfft. I mean, it's not like at least one character is named after a traitorous villain. Not that that character is bad. =) Maybe I just really like ghost types and some psychics? Who knows~!

@buscuit: Yes. Clearly. =)
@AssaultBird2454: Ye! I'll be checking the submissions for Echo specifically. I don't want to get too involved since I want to give freedom to the director. But Echo I might nitpick.

@WiispNightmare: Different characters need different voices! You may not think your voice suits the character you'd want to VA for, but it may suit someone else!

@Emc_502: Haha- I didn't plan this. Someone else in charge of it and I'm just giving the occasional help on it.

@Pootis: You should try anyway! We've got tons of characters with different voices- yours might be a good fit for at least one of them!

@Pichu90: No worries- Life happens! xD

@buscuit: Maybe! You should try! Just be a sarcastic troll and you've got the part down! xD
@Nashew: Cherish it while you can. =)

@Spatan98: Haha! Good. Enjoy the pure cookie cruncher while you still can.

@comercole: It's a delicious homemade cookie. What's not to love? =D

@AssaultBird2454: RIP Amber.

@AndreTheLugia: "Oops- did I forget to mention I'm almost royalty? My bad! No big deal though!"

@WiispNightmare: She braved the terror of a candle flame for that cookie. We should all be proud.

@Zirilon: It's not raisin. xD Even if it were, I'm sure Ramsley would find a way to make it tasty. He's a great cook!

@Bluemj61: Haha! xD Naya needs the hugs. Hug her while you can.

@Jaden: Yeah- Chandelure is, but thankfully I don't strictly follow dex entries. I take inspiration from them sometimes, but not in this case. xD And ye! I hope to stay on regular updates through the rest of the chapter and then kick off Ch10 within a few weeks with a regular schedule.

@Critic: Mist is great. xD Naya deserves to be happy every so often.

@racingwolf: Naya is more pure than that cookie!

@Shotgun Chuck: Haha

@buscuit: She's too pure to have ever been human.
@Nashew: I love him too. He's a good ghost.

@AssaultBird2454: =)

@WiispNightmare: ??

@comercole: Madame Mist has a nice ring to it. xD

@Shotgun Chuck: Pfft. Ramsley is perfectly haaarmless.

@somerandomguynumber1: Naya si fun to emote. She's got strong reactions to things and just needs hugs.

@AndreTheLugia: ??

@hade: Haha- alt text is purely a joke and not to be taken seriously. Except for one time. There will be one time- I don't know when, where, or what. But I will make a serious alt text with a major spoiler and no one will believe it cause the alt text is usually silly.

@buscuit: Ahaha!
@Nashew: Haha! Suspicious of Jasper? Now why on earth would you be suspicious of a shady looking ghost type known to be antagonist minions in the best PMD game? =)

@Mopruk: Jasper is hecking hard to emote. =(

@comercole: She's hyper protective and takes things way too seriously sometimes. The words 'relax' and 'chill' have no meaning to her.

@AssaultBird2454: Yee!

@gamerblackjacket: Ye! Thank you!

@wifijoe: You're gonna find out soon! ... As in... like... in a few months when we get to chapter 10. Cause like heck I'm gonna answer things right away. =)

@mrjacob77: Yee! Thank you! He's hard to draw but I think I'm getting the hang of it.

@AndreTheLugia: As opposed to a bass or tenor?

@WiispNightmare: Yee! Thank you!

@TheStratovarian: The bane of artists who like to do landscapes and nature cause straight lines are hard.

@Volt the fox :3: Varen is a good haunter. =D I love him.

@ScienceGamer01: Haha! That's Mist! As a Misdreavus. There's more art of her as a Misdreavus on DA. Not much though. xD And stickers. I have a misdreavus Mist sticker on my laptop.

@buscuit: NO THANK YOU.