Comic Status:

Night Fall will resume in December- I've been dying to draw some of my OCs lately- so I'm really excited to get working on it again. xD

Pokemon: Rising Shadows might go on hiatus again during that time- I love my Pokemon characters- but my original characters are much more important to me at heart. I feel bad for neglecting them so much.

We'll see...

NaNoWriMo Progress: Getting there. Slowly. Eventually. Maybe.
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Sorry this one is late!

Long story short, grandma is in the hospital.

Will try to work on catching up ASAP.
Just a tiny bit late. I blame the grass.

Also, bad flashbacks. Rock Slides + traumatic childhood memories probably don't mix well.
This isn't good.

And yes, I'm aware of the typo.
It's really nice to see you back and updating! ^_^ Can't wait for more!
Poor Naya has no idea what she's doing. Echo is just being a jerk now too.

Note: This is a make-up page for a previously missed update. There will be one more make-up page on July 4th. There will be another Tuesday update thanks to Patreon support on July 18th! THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE!


Also, edited the buffer/schedule list here on the SJ page!
So much death! I smell a bigger plan in the work!
@Nashew: It's my favorite thing too. <3
@Skylar101: What's the worst that could happen?


@WiispNightmare: Edge clearly does not appreciate the art of added suspense and tension.

@wifijoe: Poor Naya.

@Littledc: She has no idea what to do. xD

@Zirilon: Naya rolled a 1. Critical miss.

@NeonUmbreon: Naya.

@Littledc: Ahahaha.
@42Meep: It sure is. xD

@Littledc: He's having a nerd attack. I know how that feels.

@Moonlight Umbreyon: Thank you!

@NeonUmbreon: DUN DUN DUN

@Neolancer: Thank you! Been having a blast with the last few pages!

DragonMoonWolf: Thank you!

@WiispNightmare: That's Echo for ya!

@TheJGamer: As cruel as I might be, I don't think it'd be good writing to kill everyone off this early.

@Nashew: Thank you!

To everyone cause I'm behind on comment responses: THANK YOU FOR THE B-DAY WISHES!
@Or T: That is Bern's tail. xD

@WiispNightmare: Definitely plot relevant. That or Echo is breaking the fourth wall and trolling the readers.

@MoogleSam: Less than one page later.... xD

@Thatsmackjeever: She has wonderful hair.

@buscuit: Don't give them ideas.
@Koren: The only guard members that were allowed in the temple were Ace and Nyra. Basically, only the leader/s. The fewer that know the way, the safer it'd be.

@Nashew: It had to be a good thing EVENTUALLY.

@buscuit: Poor Reggie. xD
@buscuit: Some things will be answered this chapter. Others next. Most in forever from now!

@NeonUmbreon: Not for long!

@WiispNightmare: Moltres is disadvantaged type-wise though. And she isn't exactly the most powerful legendary.

@somerandomguynumber1: Thankfully, most of the fire types have moves that are effective against rock/water types. They'd be very bad at their job without some sort of defense against their weaknesses.

@Nashew: Everything.
@Koren: After the hell I've put her through in the last 4 years, that Cake is heaven for her.

@buscuit: I ensured the twins were kept far away so Naya could enjoy the cake!
@Skylar101: Baby Entei is precious!

Shaede The Black Eevee: Thank you!

Buscuit: He'll have a little action coming up! His name is Talon!

Nashew: He'll walk on two legs, but running is definitely on four. Fighting is a mix of whatever works.
So happy to see you back to updating! ^_^
Latest page by October!
Is my birthday tomorrow! YAY.


And for those who say they aren't good at art: Just practice. You may not notice the improvement right away, but it'll come. Don't believe me? Look at the first panel of this page vs the last panel of the page linked below.

Three years of improvement!

Lastly, just throwing this out there again- the link to the PRS discord server. I call it the PRS server, but it's for all sorts of insanity. xD
I worked so hard on this page. xD Next time I say I'll paint grass, please stop me.

Also, change of scenery- I've never been so happy to draw something different in the comic. <3