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I have many hobbies.
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There is a reason why I always name Clefairy Kefka.

I find then creepy too.
@Vilecheese: O.O You are on to something there.
Bowser would be to busy kidnapping princesses and trying to stop mario saving said princess by putting her in another castle.

So those 2 are out, it's a Luigi time!
o god... sponge bob... I really hope he is not the canon character coming.
His evil laugh sorta looses points for doing it in his heart shaped pajamas... Well, at least hes happy.
July 14th, 2013
I know this would be highly inappropriate for the current situation right now but, i must live up to my name.

It was not him that broke the door, but it was the door that was broken before falcon kick was mentioned.
Them there firebirds.
I don't like Skyla. In a failed nuzloc I was doing i lost most of my pokemon before I got to her gym that had type advantage. So I had to kill her with a beefed up Audio and echo voice. That move 1 shots everything after awhile. >.>
July 4th, 2013
good thing bug is super effective against dark.
@motork: she also becomes a ninja.
@Nightfury: Isn't George a she?
I would feel sorry for the Chinese outfit and cowgirl outfit if they were ruined by popped bubble gum.
@sakohju: Really? I never knew that. O.O
You managed to make Whitney even more annoying then the time I reached her gym in heart gold and made her cry. By making her sound like a fan girl.

My hat is off to you, good sir. This is a funny page.
No Atty! You're getting rid of your useless living pokedex!
All your base are belong to us?