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There is a reason why I always name Clefairy Kefka.

I find then creepy too.
@Vilecheese: O.O You are on to something there.
Bowser would be to busy kidnapping princesses and trying to stop mario saving said princess by putting her in another castle.

So those 2 are out, it's a Luigi time!
o god... sponge bob... I really hope he is not the canon character coming.
I am extremely indifferent right now.
His evil laugh sorta looses points for doing it in his heart shaped pajamas... Well, at least hes happy.
@pat15: Ill just repeat what i said as soon as Ryu was mentioned to be a guy.

That thing's a guy?!
July 14th, 2013
I know this would be highly inappropriate for the current situation right now but, i must live up to my name.

It was not him that broke the door, but it was the door that was broken before falcon kick was mentioned.
Them there firebirds.
I don't like Skyla. In a failed nuzloc I was doing i lost most of my pokemon before I got to her gym that had type advantage. So I had to kill her with a beefed up Audio and echo voice. That move 1 shots everything after awhile. >.>
defiantly a healthy dose of pain.
Cliffhanger!!!! Who is the cute lady?!

Time to rock and roll!

Sorry, I shall go into my corner now.
July 4th, 2013
good thing bug is super effective against dark.
So I am the only one who read it as sonic doorstop?
@motork: she also becomes a ninja.
@Nightfury: Isn't George a she?