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An artist who does stuff that aspires to be a comic/manga artist who does...stuff. I'm the sort who likes coming up with story ideas that are out there just for fun... And one day profit.
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I kinda hope all this cool supernatural stuff going on with Abel and the gym leaders gets expanded on at some point! And hey H0ly!
New Guest Comic!
1000 thanks to Cinna for working on this and the inks for the current chapter! You can find more of her art here:
Happy Holidays!
I know I don'tsay too much here, but I hope you're all enjoying today in the company of good friends and loved ones! And here's hoping my fellow creaors are also taking today to take a breather from work! :)
Guest Comic!!
By Mayshing! Give her a hand for helping out! And check out her stuff @
Didn't mean to shaft you guys... Somehow I forgot to schedule the last three pages.
The Sleeper has Awakened!
And no one noticed the Dune reference... Unless that wasn't a reference
Mr. Henry
December 19th, 2015
Didn't mean to leave you guys hangin! Pages 20 and 21 are uploaded now!
Mr. Henry
November 28th, 2015
Something about this whole scene seems to scream "This is all a dream and Caldwell is actually still unconscious during the Ogre fight"
I know this one...
Atty's gonna order it to somehow put out that Charizard's flame tail, ending the match in a second!
Ok, I'm calling it!
Laika's a pokemon disguised as a human!
Mr. Henry
October 25th, 2015
Made some small tweaks to this page and the previous one. Slightly more satisfied with how the look now.
Full Color Version Done!
Like one? The other? Hate both?
Let me know!
Short time, no see, fellas!
Trying out a new creative direction, and now The Lostland is going for partial color! With the bonus of improved overall toning.

So what do you think?
So is this the part where Chris turns evil? Or insane?
lol, she Batman-ed on him! XD
Sorry Guys!!
I have a ton of places to update at and I'm not on smackjeeves that often, so here's wednesday's page. Today's will be up in a few hours.

Thanks for your patience!
Chris's got her fighting fists up...
That moment when the author says in alt text exactly what your thinking.
Mr. Henry
April 1st, 2015
(1st panel) Ding Ding... is that you...?
Maybe it's just the ears.
@GetGoblinz: I couldn't even tell it was Ice, to be honest, which I can't really blame the author for since it is pretty difficult to draw/tone.

I think adding some dialogue where she just says/whispers the spell name would've cleared some confusion.