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engineering is the best man!!!0.4 seconds ahead of everyone?wow thats a good lap are you my good friend??
i think college of maritime are the team to be watch..haha i know these guys!
surely college of engineering will dominate!there the defending champs!!!!!
that driver N.pastor jr seems interesting hmmmm..heheh he's cuter if he has shorter hair..just suggesting.haha
libog=horny guy haha sorry for my words
bad keith!haha
bad nico..tsk tsk..
bwahahah..facepalm thats funny!
2045 still a beetle car..still continues to amaze me.hehe
very good cover!!nice one pards..
2.9TB??..i need one haha
Ashley Wilson no.1 fan!!!= h2krmach1
very supportive ashley..i'm beginning to like her!haha
it's about time mappy don't be shy!
poor mappy only three contacts..don't worry that's a start..
nice innovation on how to send contact numbers eh!haha
ill do anything to a member of a pit crew..hehe
Oras paires nice one hahha!!
i sense a big rivalry is building up...hmmm
it's all about the basics!hehe