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Sorry for the hiatus. I've been doing some projects that's been keeping me tied up, so updates had to be slowed down. Im back now, in full force.
Ive been doing commissions on the side and injured my wrist couple weeks back. I should be good now. Sorry about the delay.
A bit late today. finishing the next page took a bit longer than usual.
So a few of you have noticed a grammar error on my part. I'm okay with admitting I'm not the best when it comes to text. I do goof up sometimes. I fixed the last page. Bare with me, if I do goof up again, I'll correct it a bit sooner next time.
And back to our normal schedule comic.
I forgot to update last week so I'm updating this week and the following week to make up for it.
Everything's getting steamy now!
Now who's this shady character?
Crimson Knight is back! Where we last left off, a tired Nathan!
Long Pause
Sorry to all the fans. It's difficult putting up comics regularly because of my part time job. I'm doing as much as I can while completing commissions on the side. It's a lot of work with not enough breaks. Though in the meantime, me and Desmond have been working hard on creating the world Levian lives in. Crimson Knight is slowly expanding and making bold changes, and we can't wait to show you all what we have in store for our red dragoness!
Another Comic Delay
Sorry guys, work called in so the page isn't finished.

I wont be back till late so Ill post the next page, and maybe another if i can, on Monday.

Fingers crossed!
V Day
Sorry for another late page everyone!

I took Valentines off to spend time with a special someone, so today's page took longer than needed to.

Never the less, its posted for all to enjoy! ^^
Slight delay with Monday's page! Work calls so it might have to be pushed to tomorrow. Don't worry, there will be a page this early week ^^
Back Again
I'm really sorry guys for the huge delay. A lot has been going on and with me traveling, working, and just recently getting over the flu, I've been worked to the bone @.@

Finally though I can say without a doubt that we're back. If you haven't noticed, we added a donation bar some time ago on the right. It goes nicely with the vote bar on the left, no? :3

Also, feedback comments would be wonderful. Do you like the more detailed look of CK? Or the more traditional style?

We'll continue to update every Monday and Friday as planned, so get ready for some more dragon-y goodness everyone :3
@X: funny you should say that.. >w>
@GabrielsThoughts: It's true I've been working on my other comic, but it has no concrete plot and I don't give it as much care and affection as I do this one.
I must apologize to all of the fans that read our comic. I havent given you a proper update on my life. A couple of months ago my parents had split up. Since then, Ive moved into a new apartment, taken on a job, gone to college, and its been really stressful. That along with my regular commissions, the change in climates, and my heath fluctuating, its hard to get any time to just relax. I do want to continue the comic, i never want to stop. But with my health, job, and everything else, its hard to keep up. Ill continue trying to update as much as I can. Im sorry to everyone who keeps waiting for updates.
This is the artist behind Crimson Knight. On my behalf and of our staff, we're sorry for the delays and the set backs. Last month I was placed into a situation that as unavoidable. I am now in fairer winds, and hoping to keep Crimson Knight going for as long as I can. Thank you all.

-Jason, "Robertge"