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September 30th, 2011
Ho snap Lady~!
D: I swear I logged in like a week ago and you only had 4 pages. Now your at 14!? Jeez xD Youre awesome! Keep it up my little kookaburro~!
The story is great so far~!
Oh! Watch out for your panel order. The last page threw me off a bit~ <3
September 26th, 2011
Oh holy cow Lady~!
xD Hahaha over 100 fans! Thats amazing!
Congrats~ <3
Oh My~
Ooh, Sandra~ Heres my phone number ;D

Haha, anyway. I love your comic :D Your style is so cool~ The main character is super adorable~ And you established your plot very quickly and efficiently which I like hehe~

I look forward to future pages! :D
Ahahaha, I love his dad already!
Hey Lady!
Dont let my bad habits rub off on you! >3<
Don't forget "dagger!" Haha.
Ugh, i havent had time to do shit in the last couple days so I fail.... I need another shame filler....
Yesterday I friin' worked till 2am and had to be back at 8am for our stupid meeting!
And them stupid graduation parties grr. >n<
I hate having such a big family.
You just need to get one imported from japan. ;D
Ahaha Beautiful~
Good times~ Youre so cute~ <3
Doesnt billy just not look right when you draw him with his naked face? xD

Whoo for obvious plug! lolz
Haha, i love the giant ass music notes xD
And is that grey tone done by you or billy? >:3
Either way~ Great night effect~!
Holy Crap!
All those scribbley peeps must have taken foreeeeveeer to draw xD