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Artist. Writer. Photographer. Reader.
Sensitive. Compassionate. Quiet. Listener.
Gracious. Reserved. Considerate. Understanding.

Wants to be: Author.
Is at the moment: Student.
Hopefully will be: Inspirational.
Hopefully won't be: Hurtful.
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AHAHAHAHA!! Oh my gosh! Those poor kids. xD

This is amazing. ♥
Haha, I got 50%! xD

I love your comic! ♥
NOOOO!! D: I came to the last page! I want MOOOOORE, I don't wanna WAIT. WHY, OH WHYYY DOES IT HAVE TO END HEEEERE?! *cries*

Ok sorry for being so dramatic. xD That's really what was going through my head though. ._. BUT. I love your comic~!! :D Imma wait for more now. :3
Oh my gosh, in the second panel, at first I thought the door slammed open in his face! xD But then I realized he's opening the door and going through it, it's not slamming into his face randomly. /fail

Also~ I love your art!! :D The eyes, and the faces, and, and I LOVE Charlie's room! xD (Huh, and apparently, "Charlie's" isn't a word in Firefox! D:< Stupid internets.)
Is there anything on this page in Welsh? xD
I know this is incredibly random, I just had to tell you this though.

When I clicked the button to turn the page, and it brought me to this one, something happened... at the top of the page, before it hits the toolbar thingy for Firefox, some bar from Google popped up saying, "This page is in Welsh. Translate it using Google Toolbar? [Translate] [No thanks]"

And... I laughed so hard. I don't see ANYTHING in the language Welsh. I just... I dunno, I had to tell you this. I thought you might find it funny. :]

By the way, I think the heart is pretty. I'm gonna go finish reading this comic now. xD
B-But... I want to know if he ends up loving him instead!! D:

That aside, this is beautiful art. And, everything about it is just so wonderful! :D