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Hey, your comic inspired me to join Urban Dead.
Got a survivor and a max level zombie.
Reminds me of when Quallpy jumped the shark.

[/esoteric knowledge]
Must get rp xp.
What happened to your other comic? The one where the comic's namesake is kidnapped and a comedian/detective has to search for him? I only read a little of it and that was a year ago but what I did read was good stuff. Any chance of putting it back up?
The ending, Big Figure and the black freighter will all stay. I'm just annoyed because they turned Ozymandias' costume black to make him easier to identify as a villain.

They better not screw up Rorschach or leave out some of the sub-texts.
Savaril, don't you get it? Can't you sense the inherent trollness of this comic?
Sorry if this is a real thing, it just doesn't seem like one.
Just make him a chaotic neutral min-maxer, eliminating the need for back-stories.
I give you a five for including the good doctor.

(They better not screw up the movie).
September 15th, 2008
You're joking, right? I 've never seen X-Files (I did, however, read three of the books when I was 10-12) and have no intention of seeing the movie.
Never wish for just immortality. Wish to be immortal, invincible, immune to the affects of aging and to be able to die at will.
What's wrong with black bars? At least provide a reason.
Also, don't insult your audience.
If you're going to take a joke, atleast state in the comic title and comments that you took the joke from some-place else.
He probably missed.
I'm loving this pokemon series.
5 stars.
17.8 strips / week (over the past month)?

Nice template!
What sort of lame ass monk can't take a level 1 spell cast by a low-level sorceror? He was level one to start with, but he's probably gained some decent xp from killing the zombies and torching the town. [/Nerd]
So annoying you will get us comics?

(Spams Tj's inbox with "Ask a character" requests)
Reminds me of how I used to rob good jokes and drain their humour.

I still do that.
Are you sure this isn't a gift for Breakcanyon?