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@Erokuso: Takes time to get them all right, but worth it. Plus I used the Earth sprite from Megaman 8. That made me happy.
Czar tries again to talk X into joining his cause.
Czar finally shows himself, and his wider view on things.
Actually, Bass, like all Robot Master types, have no free will. Just very advanced programming that appears so. Bass was programed to be the best and defeat Mega Man. That's his priority program, it overrides all other commands in favor of his primary mission. It's a quirk, but not free will. If he had instead just decided to walk away and never try to prove himself, that would be free will.

X displayed this in X7 when he retired from active duty on the field because he believed that it wasn't helping the war against the mavericks and he sought another, more peaceful solution.
@Random _ year old: blue can be. Cold, removed, isolating. Depending on its use.
@Darkrider: you never know....
Villain lairs always have to have that proper mood lighting, ya know?
Huzzah! A new comic for 2017! I am so sorry for the lack of updates, last year was busy all the time. Working three jobs kept me swamped with work, and all my downtime (when I had some) was just me sleeping. I'm trying to scale back on the work side so I can work on these comics again. As you may note, this comic is half sized from the normal, which is what I'm experimenting with as a way to be able to keep the comics updated. I may still do full sized ones for special comics. I dunno yet, we'll see.

As for the comic today, Zero is making use of the tried and true method of using air ducts to get around enemy bases. Works for Snake, it's good enough for Zero.

And just what has the mysterious Czar done?
After being gone for waaaay too long, I finally am back to start working on the comics again. Promotions and working three jobs really make it hard to do anything. x_x

I do apologize, but do intend to try and work on these comics through the holiday season to try and make up for my lack of effort through the year.

But here we see Bowser is going to go big.
Honestly, I think everyone thinks they look like Metroids these days, and they do.
And X is going around getting ALL the attention!
@StarMario777 & ChaosSonic777: Sonic is a walking throwback to the 90s, the only thing more dated than him are the ninja turtles. :p

@MegaTuga: In recent memory, when are the Chaos Emeralds (or an equivalent) NOT used to save the day?
And a new WEAPON arises to combat the threat against the planet! Sadly, as all things infected by Phazon (and Evil Energy!) it all goes bad....
@Djoing: I need spell checkers to go in behind me more often. This helps out so much. But it'll be tonight before I can fix it, alas, but I shall!

Also, any word on when Mega or We Can Defeat Anyone will resume?
Well something is making a lot of noise.

Also, Sonic really loves to rile up his allies as much as his enemies sometimes.
I am really enjoying your comic. The amount of work you put into it is highly impressive. Keep up the good work.
And so the heroes arrive on Gaia and meet Aerith. What can this fateful meeting mean?
So the group gathers, even Bowser is getting in on the action as a hero now. But Luigi isn't with them this time, but worry not, he isn't out of the story, he's just got his own thing to do.