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Hola! My name is Scarlet Blaze, I am from The United states. My life revolves around the arts. I am extremely left brained. You name it, I've attempted it.

I have a DeviantArt account...Friend me, if you have one too.

And my youtube..

-Scar <3
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    Scarlet Blaze
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This is beautifully made.
You're style is very lovely,
I look forward to more of this common.
As usual, you're artwork is
adorable. Don't worry chica,
it looks great. I'm lovin the
story line and Iris is my favorite
name! Keep up the good work. ^^
Cute so far. Nice work. ^^
"Suddenly a rose appears."

This looks interesting. The art
work is cute, and the makes me
smile. I look forward to more!
@nyancat6650: Yes, I've been informed, I'm a piece of shit. You don't need to keep saying the same things.
@Melvyn Lennard: Thanks for your rudity. (Lol, is that even a word?)
@321TaTer: Thank you for your input. I'm working on drawing better, my tablet makes the lines really wobbly cause it needs a new tip.
@Pizzaman_Colors: I don't even know what C + H is. This is something my little brother did, and I thought it was funny.

But thank you for your input anyway.No matter how rude it was. I like honesty, no matter how much it hurts. ^^
For the Stars
It's about three friends and co-workers, Starr, Cam and Pipo. This is Starr, the spazzy main charatcer of sorts.

I hope you enjoy! ^^
Great as always. The fairy
chicky is adorable.
This comic is so cute.
It keeps me coming back
each week!
So cute. ^^
love love love it. :)
November 28th, 2011
I love this. So cute.
@scrapzQiu: Haha. Obviously, everyone has their parts in the story. ^^
I don't like Mel already. She's
got that snob air about her.
Love the comic. Really funny. Keep up the good work.
Lol. With no other offers for life
Your hilarious, I hope you know that. Love the new lay out! Niceeee.