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I'm not very good at drawing, but I try my best. I'm really more of a writer.

I'm a full-time student, part-time lifeguard, all-time all star. YEEEEEAAAAAAH!
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When and how did Harold's eyes turn red like that? I thought there was something strange about his picture as a kid and then I realized he has blue eyes there and red eyes here.
I think you underestimate your own ability. Sure, some aspects of the art aren't the cleanest I've ever seen, but you're still a fantastic artist and story teller. I can appreciate that you update frequently :)

I can't wait to see where your comic goes in the future!
I'm still reading! I love this webcomic!

I am glad that your hand it better, though. :) welcome back!
Awe, I feel like there was a strong connection made in this page. Well done!
Kangaroo is such a silly and random word, but a good choice of animal for kicking some priestess butt. :)

This is a nice page. And don't worry about taking a while to get pages done, we'll wait! It's always a treat to see you update :)
Awe, does Sindri have a skeleton in the closet?

I mean that figuratively, of course.

Is that a match he's holding in his hands? Or a scalpel? I can't decide. A short scalpel or a match that's burning his fingers XD

Edit: Oh! Is it a switch blade?? Derp. Sorry, I don't know what my problem is/why I can't figure out what things are today.
I'm actually really excited to learn more about Louis :)
I really like how you drew Riley's positioning in panel one :)

Also, Mr. Porter! Don't run! Face down thine enemies and crush them!
I expect that we are nearing the end of our flashback! So exciting :)
Watts! That's a name I haven't seen in a long time! Maybe soon we'll get to see his beautiful face :) XD

I'm curious... Are the chanteys that Jack Friday sings based on real tunes? I'm terribly unoriginal when it comes to matching up what I'm reading with a melody :/ I'd like to know if I am right in assuming a generic Irish/Newfoundland folk tune for it. XD

Also, don't be discouraged! You have so many followers for this comic, there's no reason to think they wouldn't be reading it :) if they weren't interested, they would have stopped following, am I right?

I think your comic is super interesting and I still get excited whenever I see it update.
Update spam is the best. :D

It's all well and good that Jack was the one who killed Sonia, even though it was hinted at before, but how did the Doctor brainwash him to make him do that?
It's... MRS. FRIDAY! *Best Guess*

"Gratuitous nekkid picture. teehee"

... Actually, if you hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have noticed. The nape of his neck!

"Ooh, Mr. Porter, Ooh!"
*Within a 120 mile radius of the event*

At the risk of sounding overly creepy, it's a reference to the "Oh Mr. X" meme, which you can find on Uh... I'm not sure if there's ever an appropriate time to use that reference, but IT'S JUST BEEN USED.

I apologize for my obscenely long comments.
What Hair Products Does Jack Use?
"I only style my hair with the strongest of all products. So much so that even getting run over by a vehicle won't muss it up."

Ooh, that's gruesome! O_o

I was rereading this, actually, and then I was like "Hey, maybe it updated while I was rereading it!"

And lo.

Also: Louis! D: That wasn't very nice.

Oh, and after rereading it, I've discovered that your art has improved since even the pages before your most recent updates! :D Yay! Good job :)
I'm trying my best to be as coherent as possible with all of my excitement...

Everything is coming togeeeeeetherrrrr :D So good! Can't wait for the next update! (I am so impatient).
I don't know how you keep getting these updates out so quickly, but it's fantastic.

It's a good thing you revealed who those guys were, otherwise I don't think I would have remembered. I think it's time to reread this.
Another update already? :D Yaaaay!

I didn't comment before, because I was on my phone checking updates for the last week, but OMGYOU'REBACKYAYAYAYAY!

Seriously so happy :D
Wait... there's more diglett under there? I never really gave it much thought, I always assumed that the diglett just... ended. Haha >.>
I honestly thought he was going to say "... Is me."

I don't know why, it's just that he looked so shocked when he saw the picture, it seemed like it would have been a humorous situation.