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Sine Diego
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It's at this strip that it finally, TRULY hit me.

This is a comic where giant robots, demonic mascots, ninja lawyers and wish-granting genies are competing in a reality show in a world where ten year olds can keep fire-breathing dragons as pets.

My god, is that AWESOME.
Declarative Finger
@ChronoAlone: No, she's just doing the "Mah Boi" finger raise.
Anyone else get a flashback to that F-Troop bit from Freakazoid from those last three panels?
I am SO glad I wasn't drinking anything when I saw the last panel. I'd be cleaning up the keyboard otherwise from all the laughter.
Glad to be back!
@Tailslover13: It's not the most conventional pairing, but is it really wrong to believe that a humble space noble and a perky clown two decades older than him can find true love? ^_^
It's been a while
WOW, it's been YEARS since I last checked in on this comic. And it's somehow still as good as when I last left off!

Also, Kerauss is still my SFC OTP.
You are all now imagining Bonnie laughing like the Joker.
Sorry to burst your bubble Phil, but Survivor IS a game for liars.
Of course Skippy's supposed to be non-biased. That's the job for the producers of the show, not the cameraman.
Poor Kevin's gonna get some raep-time.
I can imagine Sanza pulling that during an immunity challenge.

Sanza: Ryuia!
Ven: Crap! *flee*
Probst: Ventious forfeits! Sanza wins immunity!
Oh sweet mother of fuck...

I actually thought she was gonna lunge out and choke me through the computer screen for a moment! She looks THAT pissed!

Also, I noticed that the color on Bonnie's dress actually fades away as Cherman reveals what kind of person she really is. VERY nice touch!
Oh my, everyone here got DERPED.
What, didn't feel up to spriting such a daunting challenge, SWSU?

(i joke, i joke! :P)
I'm calling it now: this sudden surge in insects bothering her is all Donovan's doing.

OW! How the heck-

Donovan: "Angel, remember?"
As soon as I read yesterday's comic, I just KNEW that Donovan would find a way to bail out so as to see the massive scramble of changing strategies.

For someone that enjoys chaos, unpredictability and change, Donovan himself can be pretty predictable.
Uh, not to insult your pixel-art style here, but Robert kinda looks like he has man-boobs while he's sitting down.
Watch yourself around the Latrines, Frank...

Because shit just got real.
That was a scream of pure, undiluted anguish right there.

I would do the exact same thing if I was in Fishbert's shoes. I mean, Donovan's quite possibly one of the most vindictively petty characters i've ever seen!