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Really menacing action. Very well illustrated page.
Great Page
Looking good over here. The art matches the dream-like quality of the story pretty well on this page.
Weird dinner
Many people have forgotten that zombies once exclusively craved brains. Now, zombies eat us poor humans whole!

Nice work on the new pages! :D
You can't keep a good roach down, brother.
Developing art and characters for this story is my current concern for War Cry.
What is going on here?! This scientist is a major bad-ass!
Belated B-Day Wishes
Happy belated birthday greetings, lady. I hope that you will be feeling better soon!
Looking good!
This really is a wild webcomic. Keep up the good work.
So, You Have Become A Zombie
Where can I find this book?! It looks like I will need it!
WTF?! The mofo has got himself a hidden tank? I am liking this very much so far.
Outstanding work!
This web comic is no joke and I love that about it. The art style is so professionally drawn it reminds me of the new Ghost In The Shell series. Outstanding work!
HEY! I make the funny around here. What are you trying to do? Put me out of a fake job?

Just kidding! :D I like this question.
Interesting for sure. Thanks for the answer!
Trollery Be Blasted and Thought Bubble Style
SCL is trolls? Welcome to the big time, TPB! Heheh - don't let 'em bug you - just delete 'em.

I like the poses and emotional tone on this page. My only gripe is that there are no thought bubbles coming out the character's head in panel 1 (far left) to link the head to the text bubble ("his hands are shaking").

Is this the style for thought bubbles this chapter of TPB?
Much more clear action and character art starting on this page. The book seems to come into better overall focus on this page.
Art Note
This comic started out as a 24 Hour Comic Challenge early this month. Twenty-six original penciled pages are in the process of getting inked as 8.5 x 11 sheets.
Great action...
Panel 2 is great perspective! You made it more difficult to draw by adding skeletons as enemies. But, I really like the past 3-4 pages. Nice ones!
Nice art
This is the strongest page in the book so far into this book. Great 3 panel lay out at the top of page. It keeps my attention with a combination of art skills, rendered background and good dialogue. Interesting so far.
Wow - excellent line and twist! There's a 5! Reminds me of Resident Evil T-virus bad guys.
Setting Note
Leet deals the Slave a mortal wound in her Chambers.