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Huh; A short way to describe me. *shrug* Why not?

Things I do:
Surf the Web (like, every effing second that I can)
Draw (on anything and everything)
Write (about everything under and above the stars)

Things I like:
dA (yeah, it's my safe little haven of beauty and remorse)
Youtube (well, no effing duh, look around)
Drawing (makes me not homicidal)
Music (helps me through the day)
Yaoi (yes, fangirls, you have claimed another victim)

Things I don't like:
People (or at least those who lack wry humors)
Homophobes (seriously, get a life)
Abbreviations (..can't get much clearer than that)

Artists I adore:
Mishima Kazuhiko & Akira Rika (look up on
AishaxNekox (check her here on
Emperpep (go to and see the love)
ClainDeLune (oh heavens, check the sheets out on dA; now)
PANDAMELLONS (right up there next to CDL on dA)

My favorite anime as of now:
Kuroshitsuji (Fuck all the haters, it is beautiful.)

My favorite mangas as of now:
Rust Blaster (read it now on mangafox)
Karneval (read it now on mangareader)

I think that covers it; for now.

P.S. Want me on dA? Check it out:
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    Ashley, but call me what you will.
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August 13th, 2011
Both of you are just so PRESH.
June 10th, 2011
The "Oh Shit" look never gets old.
Yes, Eric; you do like him.
So you better go get your man back!

EDIT: Replying to all those comments expressing our love towards you would take quite some time, y'know? And as cool as it'd be, we don't wanna overwork you. Or stress you out, more than we already do.

We know you read each and every single one of our comments, and that enough! Well, for this fangirl at least.

Thanks for providing such a kick ass comic for us!

EDITEDIT: Hurr. Comment Cherry; consider it popped.
oh lordi,
look at that sexy coyote up there.

Once again, thanks for another color ref. for when I cosplay as him.

Merry Christmas, doll;

December 21st, 2010
no dear;
this page is sexy.
December 20th, 2010
Shocked Neko Boys are not pleased. :I
Sensei in HIS school days~ <3

And, please, I'd love it if all my teachers were like that.. I think one is but.. I won't go into details. XD;

EDIT: FFFUUU-- Yes! Comment box thingy; sweetie, honey, darling~ Your popped cherry for this beautiful page is MINE!! <33;