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I love music+fantasy.♪♪ ☆ u ☆
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Sorry I haven't updated much..OTL This page took me longer than I thought...
btw are you confused? Aren't all first chapters to stories confusing e v e)bb Your answers will be come~ just keep on reading please <3
I can't stop laughing from at your guy's guesses and I mean ittt XDDDDD But truth be told this the answer is: A pedophile. /sob shoot me if you like.... I messed up this page i think ;;
He's hereeee~
What will Tsubasa say...? e u e
Oh yeah....
If your wondering.....All the humor and stuff doesn't happen till the NEXT chapter....sorry for not telling you guys sooner ;^;
I think its too much......OTL
sorry sorry let me correct that...;;;
My english may be a little rusty and I'm sorry about that >x<;;;;
Magicccc <3333
Sorry about yesterday guys....My internet got cut off from my computer ( ; 3 ; )
@Katsumi_chan56: ....Ahahaha the term "shota" can mean alot of things, so in my point of view he's just called a shota because of his appearance~ Though his height ahh....maybe 4'7''-5'1,?? something like that....
Hope this clears up somethings... ;^;
s-sorry if you can't understand ;; OTL ||||
Thanks so much...again <3
You guys said "Both" on the last page so here you go: <3 My Thank you page to you guys~~ >//w//<)b
@LunarSong: explaination On that will be revealed on the next page~ Please be patient ;^;
Okay for something special...I want you guys to decide~
Would you like Tsubasa, The black shades Dude, Or both in a Pic? 8DD /shot for asking
yess the song has been guessed by: Lunar Song!
wow I'm amazed with such little lyrics~ and Yes it is a nice song indeed.~
OMG 100+ fans? /sob T-thank you soo much ;//A//;
My soul, Your beats:
Oh yeahhh Who is this mysterious person I wonder...? 8DD
Can you guess the song? 8D
if the song is guessed then I'll put the link to the music here~ OwO
P.S. the words are not spoken...its just the lyrics to the song he's playing~
I'll post the song on the next page to listen along~
LOL~ this manga is fantasy meaning magic <3 Tsubasa knows magic tricks up his sleeve ofc~
Thats one reason why he could be in the ceremony~ more to that will come up soon~
8D Tsubasa loves the stage I guess~
sorry I couldn't post up started today and blaghh....;A;
and the real fun begins....poor tsubasa~
.........I really failed that middle panel FML ;;
@XxPurexSoulxX: Its been fixed sorry about that ;;
*sob* Thank you page.....
yes a filler page OTL ; but I wanted to thank you guys so much for the support it make me want to make pages faster >//w//<bb
To return the fav I'll give out a spoiler to a upcoming chara~ His name won't be revealed but his image ;^; I hope you guys continue reading Luminous-symphony as time comesss~ <3
.... ....
Chapter 1's cover page >w*b) f--its retarded I know OTL
BTW 40+ fans already? ;^; you guys are so kind and with the comments as well <3 Thank you so much!
Happeh New years guyss
December 31st, 2010
I feel like Sai hates me when I draw lines with the vector tool and draw violins saldjfl;jaf OTL||