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^u^ yaoi please?
Where do I go to buy these? I love these comics! Is there a place online I can buy them?
I'm so sorry, please take all the time you need. You and your family are in my prayers!
lmao I love how they're just having a conversation with their attackers XD
Beautiful Palace! :D
Your support is earned, this is a great comic! :D
This comic has such great backgrounds! :DD I LOVE all the details you put in :)
they would be checking out the duck butts XD (i assume it's two duck buttes)
I think this page looks amazing!! :D Also, I feel bad for the little Mer, sure he wants to kill humans but he's just a little guy
@Devdasi: Then Heck yes I'd buy your comics :D They are so adorable!! 8DD

Also YAY! I love Ashley, he's probably my favorite of ur Princes-...uh...male princesses XD
Would you sell each chapter for $5 or a combination of some?

Also, on a side note, on y-gall. there's that mini story with that gonna be continued? I LOVE IT! <3<3
Take him Kaito! TAKE HIM!!!
Well placed pen XD
this comic is SOOO worth the wait! I never gave up!
We all know life happens, don't worry about it :)
this may sound awful but I really REALLY hope the reason they never meet again is b/c Shanya dies and not the little boy D: He can't die!!
What a romantic way to propose, so that the other person doesn't know what they're accepting XD
I love the little creeper in the back corner watching those 2 people going at it XD
Whenever people get me down and I start doubting myself I watch this and it helps :) hope it helps you too
I kinda see why his Dad is saying that, not that I think he should've but I mean
1. He's been drinking and
2. his wife just left him like a B. and their family, so he's upset and wants to take it out on everyone else (not a good thing to do but I can see why he's saying all that).
Bad Mother
I said it last page and I'll say it again, I think the Mom is the real bad guy here. I mean come on mom who leaves their own kid at the side of the road saying they'll be back. >( for shame
I feel bad for the Dad, I mean how would he know his wife hated his rules if she never said anything?? and then she just leaves her little boy by the side of the road D:< Not good mommy! Bad, very bad!