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Your art is totally amazing.
Faved :)
Faved! Great comic, I love your style!
wow, she just jinxed them.....
aha, they're fighting over her~
I thought she was wearing pants...
oookay.... o_O that was freaky yet very hilarious...
awww ^^ thats so sweet~
Your art is very, very, cute! And cool! Great work on this comic so far. I cna't wait to see you happens.

And keep up with the updates!=]

Lovely! I hope you get some moe free time for pages...

Awesome! I can't wait for chapter 2 to start!
Yays updates! And yes, of course the dialougues make sense. Beautiful work on this comic!
oooooooooo pretty!
great job so far! ^_^
hah, he's so casual XD
anyways great comic. I like how you use the blue with the white its so... cool. ^_^; keep em coming!
nice.I keep on getting the service temporarily unavalible
thing too.... but, I just refresh.. awesome work on this comic!
you have gmail? I do too @_@
awesome work as usual.

This comic is great! Keep on updating yo!!!
please update!!! X3 great job on these comics!

P.S.~yes, this is amyflower from DA! =3