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I love anime and yaoi o 3o
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@AniiBell: Hahahahhaha xD
I laughed so much at your comment xD
That is exactly what I would do P:
Poor Shuno ; A;
Motha Fucka
When I first read this and saw Shuno drop down in front of Kaito, I was like, " He gonna suck yo dick. " When I scrolled down and he actually did it. I was like, " Motha fucka! xD "
The duck looked so determined to eat that tomato XD
Hahahah xD
Man-sex lol
So many memories XD

I just love this comic~ ;D
lol xD
Poor Shuno ! D:
Give to him good D<
:o XD
I can't wait to see how this turns out.
I am loving this! Whoo! Its like two in the morning and I see an update. e . e
I love the story and your art! Keep it up! :D
I was like gonna cry when there wasn't another page, and then noticed how long ago your last update was! ; A; Please update more pages!!! I wanna know what happens! ; A;