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I'm in the read-early club and I LOVE it!
Your Eevees are so cute! Well, all Eevees are so cute anyways but I'm so glad you included them in this comic :) If pokemon were real I'd be hoarding all the Eevees too...
I love your art style h0ly! And Gravston is a wonderful comic too! :)
Chris has the cutest nose! :) teehee
Atty looks.... smaller... without his jumper. Not that I'm calling him fat, but the jumper must be pretty thick and warm :)
I guess we don't like Mandy then? lol
Haha I've had basically the same thing happen but I was above some guy on the stairs and I heard him remark to his friend about looking up my skirt!
Oh poor, dense Attykins....

I love your artwork and would love two updates a week but I prefer your inked pages. They really stand out and are totally worth a keeping the one page a week.
Absolutely gorgeous color! What do you use?!
that gut in the top panel looks like me reeeeally likes that fence lol
such a wonderful page! (as always :) ) i love how George just keeps talking while Atty is dragged along <3
I love Thad's hair! I don't doubt one bit that its fun to draw :P Poor Trix, look what she's gotta put up with lol
Is it bad that the last panel makes me a lil giggly? George is still holding Atty's arm :D
I know this is a little late, but you draw wonderful trees lol