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I'm Oshawott, the water starter from the Unova region.
I guess I'm the 'Voice of Reason' of the 3, since Snivy doesn't care about much and Tepig is just insane.
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Well this comic sure is interesting.
Though I would enjoy it more if I could understand what they're saying.
>Between Pea or Tepig
>Fire-types are cool

But Tepig smells like fried bacon and Snivy is an egotistical asshole. ;___;
I take this as a seriously racist offense.
I miss this comic. :(
But Mr. Afro, he isn't spriting, he is drawling.
With all this "OMG TOM IS FEMALE" it reminds me of when Jac Smuggington found out Samantha Piplup was a woman.
Hey, man. I think Dialga already said that he was joking around.
No point to be disappoint.
Needs more effect overload.
*gets out AK-47*
Download dat Photoshop, and add pointless lens flairs and glowing effects.
Congratulations. You have become a failure.
Trust me. You don't wanna fly on that pigeon guy. He's real nasty. Yuck.