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Just your average everyday person struggling to find love, work, and meaning in life. I like watching dramas and reading comics and occasionally videogames. Drawing has been an interest of mine since around 2006, but I only started getting really into it in late 2009. I figured I'd take a stab at this webcomic thing and see where it leads me.
Merry Christmas!
To those who celebrate it: Merry Christmas! To those who don't... Replace that with your customary holiday greeting.
Sorry this got here a bit late, but better late than never. It looks like my job is gonna end today, so I'll be able to work out a better update schedule once I'm not taking three aspirin every four hours so I can walk. Delivering packages is harder work than I expected.

Anyway! Have a good holiday and I'll get the next comic done hopefully by Monday... because I'm not working on one on Christmas. ;)
Update Schedule
As of right now, I'm unsure how the update schedule will settle in. Twice a week as of this week, but that's mostly because I got a job where I come home pretty much ready to fall into bed and sleep. Sunday is one of my days off, so it makes sense to finish up a comic and upload it on this day, and Tuesday is early in the week so I'm not quite as exhausted.

SO, what I'm thinking of doing is drawing the comic for 'Tuesday' and uploading it on Thursday instead. That would put the upload schedule as Sunday and Thursday, but we'll see how this goes. The job is only until the end of December, so I'll figure out a better schedule in the new year.
Read from Right To Left
Welcome to GakiRangers! I don't have too much to comment on, but something that may make this comic a little difficult to read is how I've placed the panels. They're in a right-to-left format, because that's how I've always drawn my comics. I don't have any particular reason for doing it other than habit. I hope it doesn't make things too difficult for anyone.