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I am Lui, Artist Extraordinaire! (Wannabe Dreamer)
I am a proffesional(amateur) at sequential art (4 koma comics) and I have pretty sizeable (hardly existent) fanbase (people that want money from me)

as for you lowly readers (probably people that are better in life than me) you (i) should be thankful that you are reading my extravagant works (lame excuse for a comic) don't worry. your praise and adoration (hate comments) will suffice, (make me squeal in joy)

i also like exploding cupcakes if you wanted to know....
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@Wow!: it has hasn't it XD! but wow! you've read the whole thing! :O im really happy you did! XD thank you!

haha! im still that little ambition-driven little me 2 years ago X3 but i guess i have improved a lot after seeing my first post compared to now x3

and thanks again! its comments like these that inspire me to draw more X3 i'll be sure to humor you guys more with my strips then!
if there is one important skill that will be usefull in life, its cooking :3... and cleaning your laundry... it will come in handy one day trust' me!
sorry for the missed strip last week, priorities n' all. anyways, here's this week, er last weeks strip about being one of a kind :3
i recently got a recorder flute, lets just say its as annoying as any other instrument... well thats what they said....

oh hey an early update. what kind of omen is this?
hello silent comics, been a while since i've experimented on you :3
@Kid W25: XD well, i've been improving by the days, so im still trying to find the right format for my webcomic!

also thanks XD glad you like it!
me and heat don't go well...

and thats why i stay home all the time :3 where its nice and cozy and there's air conditioning X3!!
so i've recently figured how to use Paint tool Sai and, im thinking of doing some drastic changes because i've given up on Manga studio D: what do you guys think? is it for the better or for the worse? either way, enjoy this weeks comics :3
here's a good way to scare you friends and family! find a poster with a picutre of a creepy guy! then hide your face with it as you go inside your house! just don't blame me if people start puching you in the face. april fools is over mm'k
February 27th, 2013
if you guys been wondering why there have been so many typos in my previous comics... welp here's my answer :D sorry for that, i promise to proofread more from now on DX

or i could always say that English is not my first language... that works too!
@GONE: hey im grump! im also kind of grump!

yep, i based it off the gram groops :3
Seriously, updating a comic when you don't have a buffer is hard DX i should learn to make one one of these days :<

i love going to cons, but i really just can't muster up my courage to talk to those awesome artists DX maybe one day i'll loosen up and finally make some con friends :D

this picture just screams cozy and cuddly XD

i like it!
December 26th, 2012
AHAHAH! you got everyone's personality in one image XD

i love it! thank you secret santa!
November 21st, 2012
@MarshallStrife: XD haha! thanks! glad you like it!
@GONE: i dont think so, but in the philippines. theres a load of street food you can find. i think the bifana equivalent in the philippines would be green mango i guess, it goes well with dinuguan, which is literally just blood :3
September 20th, 2012
@GONE: laziness secretly works for the mafia :D of course laziness gets all the ladies :3
i have short attention spans that make dogs look smart.

... bah
i havent been online for weeks D:
and since its my term exam tommorow until this thursday. ima put this up here so at least i can have todays comic up :D

anyways enjoy!