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Aw, last panel - so adorable XD
Their looks at each other, so beautiful, so breathtaking! <3
September 22nd, 2017
Aaaaaw, babe~ <3
Poor confused guys XD
September 22nd, 2017
Ohmygod, such dork, whatahell XDDD
Ohmygod, I'm wheezing and screetching XDDD he is so dorky and looking silly-cute :D
Ohmygod, such yummy boy, those sexy lines of his gorgeous body :D XDDD
Ohmygos, dorks XDDD I can't even believe them :D
They are so friggin cute!!! <333
Poor confused baby! I love him so much~ <3
AMAZING!!!!!! @A@ DX <3333
I love the bun-up hairstyle so much :D <3
And damn those legs *faint*
Somehow their interactions more often than not are painful to me D; I want them to be haaappyyyyyyy! *bawling horribly*
Such a cutie D: and a hot one <3
Ohohoho, Dylan, You da man! :D But wine? Is it a good idea? XD
But damn, they are so cute together. Can't wait to see the lingerie in action :3
Manage or not, although, it would be a wonderful thing to see!
More like, caught red faced XDDD
Damn, they as always are so adorable, and lovable D: <3
That last panel gives me joy that everything between them is alright, and they are smart, supportive boyfriends uwu I love these babies so much! <3
Aw, they so adorable little dorks, I can't >/////o//////<
Ahahaha, love the first panel! It's just too amazing XDDD
His nose is beautiful~ I like his nose DX <3