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Wierdo, story lover, manga/anime fan...
@SomiJuli I'm so glad you guys liked it!
Yes, I love these dorks so much, every time something uwu happens my heart contracts and pains me, untill they are fluff balls of warm fuzziness again X3
Noooo, baby, goooo tell him everything!!! DX ;D
Love these dorks so much, i tried to draw cutely one of them XD -forget-the
I'm so crying! Poor babies! Noooooo, such intence pressure, how to survive DX
Aw, last panel - so adorable XD
Their looks at each other, so beautiful, so breathtaking! <3
September 22nd, 2017
Aaaaaw, babe~ <3
Poor confused guys XD
September 22nd, 2017
Ohmygod, such dork, whatahell XDDD
Ohmygod, I'm wheezing and screetching XDDD he is so dorky and looking silly-cute :D
Ohmygod, such yummy boy, those sexy lines of his gorgeous body :D XDDD
Ohmygos, dorks XDDD I can't even believe them :D
They are so friggin cute!!! <333
Poor confused baby! I love him so much~ <3
AMAZING!!!!!! @A@ DX <3333
I love the bun-up hairstyle so much :D <3
And damn those legs *faint*
Somehow their interactions more often than not are painful to me D; I want them to be haaappyyyyyyy! *bawling horribly*
Such a cutie D: and a hot one <3
Ohohoho, Dylan, You da man! :D But wine? Is it a good idea? XD
But damn, they are so cute together. Can't wait to see the lingerie in action :3
Manage or not, although, it would be a wonderful thing to see!
More like, caught red faced XDDD
Damn, they as always are so adorable, and lovable D: <3
That last panel gives me joy that everything between them is alright, and they are smart, supportive boyfriends uwu I love these babies so much! <3