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Wierdo, story lover, manga/anime fan...
Oooooh, I'm crying. My feels. Babies. Noooo, be okay. Have happiness in your lives!
Aw yeah, babez! Encounter time, plz!
Ohmygod, I'm crying for them XDDD
It's totally okay and more than good to spend time with family and friends if it does wonders for you!
Also, omege, that reaction, omg, guys, nooo XDDDD stop mortifying your friend. Even if you are trying to him :D
Cute ;D
Damn these guys ;) love them, dorks
Oh yeah, baby! That sexy grab of yum-yum bun, mh-mh
They so yummy *cries* <3
Fuck, that face DX so hot, so good <3 such babe omo
Aw yes, sweet babies!!! YESSS!!!!! <3
Aw, baby, I can't!!!
@SomiJuli I'm so glad you guys liked it!
Yes, I love these dorks so much, every time something uwu happens my heart contracts and pains me, untill they are fluff balls of warm fuzziness again X3
Noooo, baby, goooo tell him everything!!! DX ;D
Love these dorks so much, i tried to draw cutely one of them XD ic-forget-the
September 22nd, 2017
Aaaaaw, babe~ <3
Poor confused guys XD
September 22nd, 2017
Ohmygod, such dork, whatahell XDDD
Poor confused baby! I love him so much~ <3
I love the bun-up hairstyle so much :D <3
And damn those legs *faint*
Somehow their interactions more often than not are painful to me D; I want them to be haaappyyyyyyy! *bawling horribly*