Wierdo, story lover, manga/anime fan...
Poor confused baby! I love him so much~ <3
AMAZING!!!!!! @A@ DX <3333
I love the bun-up hairstyle so much :D <3
And damn those legs *faint*
Somehow their interactions more often than not are painful to me D; I want them to be haaappyyyyyyy! *bawling horribly*
Such a cutie D: and a hot one <3
Ohohoho, Dylan, You da man! :D But wine? Is it a good idea? XD
But damn, they are so cute together. Can't wait to see the lingerie in action :3
Manage or not, although, it would be a wonderful thing to see!
More like, caught red faced XDDD
Damn, they as always are so adorable, and lovable D: <3
That last panel gives me joy that everything between them is alright, and they are smart, supportive boyfriends uwu I love these babies so much! <3
Aw, they so adorable little dorks, I can't >/////o//////<
Ahahaha, love the first panel! It's just too amazing XDDD
His nose is beautiful~ I like his nose DX <3
Woah, five years already?! I remember how it was just first pages of this awesome story! :D

What if they go celebrating in "amusement" scary ver. park?! ^_^ haunted corridors, monster hause, slime slide, stuff like that XD Frankenstein in the oven, zombie in the freezer, fun!
They're so cute it's painful to look at them not doki doking <3333
Ohmigod dat cat crawl *faints of blood loss* <333
Oh my, I can't, they are so beautiful~ >v< <333
This page is amazing! It's perfect! They are perfect <3
They are perfect <3
Joa with bloody eyes looks so sexy, even if he is sad, idk. *wipes tears, hugs Joa**hugs both~**wails*