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ur art skills are amazing but..k'?
caught in action! >:D
I agree with RoyLover, the colored version is..more colorful? oO
oh wait, this'll only make the situation more complicated than it rly is.
gahh! if only the undo button work in these cases as well *sigh*
March 13th, 2009
fired= stayin' a while longer? :3
srsly I'm obsessed with this comic. OxO
I miss this comic.:3
and school doesn't suck ._.
LOL! piggy back, huh?
omg! I just started reading this comic today and I finished it all in one day~!
I was so hungry for the story. me want more pages!
waah!I love this~
omg! Moar, Moar!
Lol'd at the forth pannel XD
I'm so glad that this comic is back on track.
hmm..does nate live with him??
maybe it's just nate.
they're all alone now. *giggles*
I can never have enough of this..more pages plz!
OMG the coloring *point* *dies*
is that a sword? how cool!!.. the story is gettin' better and better. I can't wait for ur next update.
srsly..that's scary. I would totally freak out if I was him..