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for the sake of a consistent username
I love the speech bubbles
This is the direction this has needed to go for a LONG time. I love the new art style; a much better use of negative space and minimalistic drawing stlye than the last one, which was overstylised and looked fantastic.
Lajos and old people making out please and thank.
March 10th, 2014
He just gets so much ass, doesn't he?
Great to have you back!

"He's gonna lead you down the path of richesnous; I'm gonna lead you downt he path that ROCKS"

That's all I can think of. Kuzco is my favorite disney princess.
But no seriously.
I do do a mean ed impression. There's just something hillarious about //edward//'s voice crying BELLA!!

I amuse myself too easily.

In other news, I HAVE been busy comics-wise! (well, not this one!) I've finally set my heart and my tablet pen towards drawing a comic I've wanted to do for years involving a sociopath, a computer hacker, gay angst, telepathy, and //drumroll// ...homicide! YAY!

It's not uploading yet although I do have a few pages done (working on a cache before I upload weekly) and the smackjeeves all up and running, waiting for me to finish! It's called alphaMatter and can be found here!

For information on progress as I go and chances to see previews and livestreams, go roll on over to my COMICS BLOG!


Whoop I donated $2 so go ahead and keep the extra dollar and just shower me in NSFW old men //rolls away

I'm such a big spender.
Oral is trust anyway-- the human jaw can easily bite clean through a finger (bone and all) with the amount of pressure per square inch of bite force, but there's a part of our brain that tells us not to do it.
Unless, of course, we're under duress.
all I'm saying; the dick has no bone in it. Relitively speaking, if someone wanted to, biting through it would be as simple as a hot knife through butter compared to a finger.

"Quit talking about your crush on my son" XD
February 8th, 2014
February 6th, 2014
Ahhhh I wishing could eat dinner like that ;u;
I have two and three in the mail and am waiting for my next check to get four and five!

ahhhhh I also got like, so many of my friends hooked

I cannot wait to see what happens next!
ahhhhh I cannot wait to see what happens next!
February 3rd, 2014

And also since the appearance of dat sexy male dragon that will never appear again I've wondered about the scars.
January 30th, 2014
//whispers silently
I'm in my college library trying not to crack up over dake's face in the last panel and guess what? I couldn't stop. People are glaring. It was worth it.
Oops I forgot to add I'm not allergic to either silicone or latex so thank god that won't be am issue ;7;
Ah it was the lubrication we used it turns out there's an ingredient in it both my mom and grandma (did not ever need to know the last one) both react to and they suspect that because we tried again with a different lube and did not have the issue.
Thanks for your thoughts though! Also I was pretty shocked this bothered me to begin with because as far as I knew I was only allergic to dark chocolate and dial hand soap :/
I'm a pretty healthy girl
Whoops I went poof for like, a month
so I spent two and a half hours drawing this to give a brief (but not all inclusive) summary of the main plot points of my life since I left you guys a month ago.

I wish I was fucking kidding on this shit.

So, yeah, both destry and I got our hair all did and shit. I got my bangs cut better (longer on the sides) and dyed my hair back to brown (although it's still dual toned) due to my inability to ever remember to put more blue dye in lol. I still have half a jar sitting there.

So yeah I promise to pick up again with updates although god knows how good they're gonna be and god knows when they'll actually appear (hopefully weekly due to me also starting college!) but hey. beggars can't be choosers.

Also, exactly eight months ago (actually about thirty minutes short) was the symbolic moment when we both decided FUCK IT and hug FINALLY took my hand and we began dating sort of. I should work on telling that story but it's fucking long.

See ya around.
January 26th, 2014
@nammah: @ParadoxComic:

I seriously cannot tell you how much it means to me to see you enjoy my work ;A; this is like, super huge. super huge to me. Then you reblogged it. it's on the blog. oh my god.
This is like, winning the lottery AND finding out pokemon are real. all. in. one.
I'm seriously super glad you enjoy it //cries softly// I've been trying to work my way through a fifteen page comic of my own colored and everything It's killing me) and I'd forgotten why I'd been doing it but now I remembered.
It's because I like letting people enjoy my art and I'm hoping that my art can do what this comic and other's have done for me; offer a moment of happiness to anyone who reads it.
Except when Dake got attacked in paradox then that was like, feels, but you know.
Anyway I'm gonna go to work on that next panel. I've got art-like things to do.
//runs away.

also I'm sorry if this kinda took away fromt he actual comic itself this week please enjoy and whatnot because it's a fun page I like the "no wonder nara thought I was kidnapped" part especially. She's a little ball of fire //pun intended// and I love everything that comes out of her mouth.

maybe she'll be my next fanart...

//leaving now because long comment is long and this is my fourth one on this page and I'm hogging the spotlight